Available Scholarships

 Because I am committed to having a greater impact in this world there are two forms of scholarships available to those who can not afford my customary fee structure:  

Non Profit Scholarships

 I have partnered with the non profit corporation Mountain Spirit Healing and Education Center based in Prescott, AZ. 

This non profit receives grants to contribute to a portion of my fees which are greatly reduced when partnering with this non profit. 

Visit their website to download their scholarship application which is based on your annual income and the number of people in your household. They accept requests for both my work with animals and my work with people.

Heart of the Horse Scholarships

I offer four (4) deeply discounted scholarships for traumatized animals each quarter.  

This includes three (3) full length sessions over three (3) months for $45 each, $135 for all three (3) sessions.  A normal first session is fee is $189 so that is a tremendous savings!

These sessions are offered through a quarterly "lottery." If you have a traumatized animal and can not afford my regular fees, please apply for a scholarship "trauma package" through email at

PLEASE, do not send information about your animal in your email request. Simply state that you are requesting a scholarship for your animal and I will randomly select four (4) animals from the emails received each quarter.