Reiki, Intuitive Healer and Healing Through the Horse's Heart Facilitator

Healing Through the Horse's Heart

Horses are quickly becoming known for the truly wise and compassionate souls they are. There have been many healing and therapy programs structured around the horses' energy and their response to human emotional and physical challenges. 

Our Healing Through The Horse's Heart program seeks to improve the awareness of a human by activating the heart energy and wisdom of a willing horse who has chosen to be a Teacher. If the human is a horse owner/caretaker our program can also enhance the relationship between horse and human in miraculous ways. 

Ginny has studied many human and equine energy and physical healing modalities. She is a psychic, medium, animal communicator and energy medicine practitioner. She has chosen to combine all of this knowledge in partnership with the equine world to bring forward this remarkable new program to benefit humans in all walks of life.

Please read Ginny's compelling story of illness and recovery in partnership with the equine world under the "About Ginny" tab in the menu above.

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Certified Reiki Master and Instructor

Reiki is considered to be complimentary* care and is based on the esoteric traditions of the East Indian religions including Hinduism and Buddhism. A Reiki "Master" is both a Reiki Practitioner (Level II) and a Master Teacher (Level III) who is qualified to  instruct and certify Reiki Practitioners to the Master level.

Hinduism and Buddhism offer differing perspectives of the energy system of the body. The Hindu, or Yogic, perspective identifies seven (7) main chakras (a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or energy center) is the more commonly known and widely practiced in the US. Depending on the source, there are said to be between 800 and 2,000 minor chakras and more than 70,000 and 350,000 nadi, the pranic energy (life force energy) conduits, which interact with the physical body of both humans and animals. 

Reiki embraces the understanding of the chakra systems, but relies on its own understanding of life force energy, or ki. Reiki practitioners access the universal source of ki to cleanse the aura, subtle bodies, chakras, nadi and physical body, always employing the intention that it is for the highest good of the one receiving the healing.

*According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. Click here to be directed to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health website. Click here to be directed to more information regarding our healing philosophies.


 ”Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for Ginny’s help in my family.  My beautiful boy has struggled with extreme anger and frustration for a few years now.  One thing lead to another and while we accomplished a lot on our own I realized I needed some help.  This has been an incredibly traumatic time; we were at a point where he was having 5 or 6 major physical fits a day.    I knew this was beyond what I understood, and was guided to Ginny from another healer who thought she could help. 

Not only has Ginny been able to help us by successfully peeling back the layers needed to deeply heal and reconstruct our lives, she has provided me with the tools I needed to understand we are all capable of healing ourselves, and taught me that love is the strongest force in the Universe.  We are definitely on the path of healing and transformation.  There are even days with no fits now and our quality of life has vastly improved.  My son even told me he knows his soul purpose is about love, he is 5 by the way.   

Recently, we were blessed to have a healing performed by one of her horses, Apache on my son.  This was truly a miraculous and beautiful event that I will never forget.  My son has realized he can communicate and hear animals.  Because of Ginny, many doors have opened in our lives, and I am forever grateful.  We are just a few of the many people this woman has touched and healed.  Many thanks Ginny!”