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Horse Medicine: Healing At Liberty


"You not only opened my eyes, but my heart and I am so thankful! You have an incredible gift and talent." 

--Christina T. Danville, CA

Our Horse Medicine: Healing at Liberty program seeks to heighten our self awareness and enhance our healing journey by partnering with a willing horse or donkey who has chosen to be a healer and/or teacher. 

Ginny facilitates one and two day Horse Medicine Experiences with her partners in Maryland, California, Arizona and Colorado.  If you would like to attend or host a retreat in your area, please contact us at


You’re invited to experience the magic of Horse Medicine! 

Horses and donkeys are once again being recognized for the sentient and compassionate souls they have always been. Over the past 30 years many therapeutic programs structured around the horse as a teacher and healer have been developed.  Remarkable energetic shifts have been proven to occur in a person's energy field when connecting to the magnetic energy field of a healthy horse. 

Generally, equine therapy is facilitated and led by a human being from an intellectual perspective. In partnership with willing and healthy horses and/or donkeys, Ginny allows the animals to guide the session whenever appropriate. She does this through her unique ability to receive and share the ancient wisdom and healing, often referred to as "Medicine," of the animals. These high frequency messages and energies can often facilitate profound shifts in a person's perspective and energy field. Ginny blends her animal communication skills and her unique intuitive abilities to offer an exciting paradigm in equine assisted healing. 


Why horses?  Horses carry an ancient wisdom which allows us to feel safe and vulnerable at the same time. They come to us with no agenda and make no judgments based on appearances or circumstances. Horses possess no ego and have no attachment to our choices, or the outcome of your session. They simply accept us for who we are, and will do just about anything for us when there is trust and a heart centered partnership. 

We don’t need to know anything about horses to be powerfully affected by their wisdom and gentle presence! 


Horses are masters at identifying our trapped emotions and wounds that affect our lives and hold us back. Where we struggle to identify these blocks within ourselves, horses touch the deepest and most vulnerable parts of us. They help us to remember that we can release the patterns that are perpetuated by hidden fears, doubts, unforgiveness and beliefs that we may have been holding onto since early childhood.

As we experience the energetic presence of horses, we quickly realize they are masters at teaching us self-awareness. They mirror our intentions and amplify our strengths bringing us to a forgotten place of authenticity, presence, and peace. 

The ancient wisdom of the horse allows us to recognize the individual power and gentle strength in a harmonious herd environment. They embody unity, balance, freedom and connection with their herd members. In their presence we become part of their world, we are accepted into the herd, and they help us to remember to connect to a quiet mind and heart, all through their unspoken language. 

This is the true magic of Horse Medicine.

We invite you to experience all of this and more. Rediscover your true self, and reconnect to the path of your heart through our Horse Medicine Retreats. 

“When you follow your heart, you lead with love.” --Ginny Jablonski


Ginny has studied multiple human and equine energy healing techniques. She is an animal communicator, medium, energy medicine practitioner and a certified HeartMath® Add Heart®  Facilitator.  She has chosen to combine all of this knowledge, in partnership with equines, to offer a unique healing program for the benefit of both humans and animals alike.

Ginny facilitates Horse Medicine Experiences with her partners in Maryland, California, Arizona and Colorado.  If you would like to host a retreat in your area, please contact us at

Join us!

June 6-7, 2020

in Fort Collins, Colorado 



"Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for Ginny’s help in my family.  My beautiful boy has struggled with extreme anger and frustration for a few years now.  One thing led to another and while we accomplished a lot on our own I realized I needed some help.  This has been an incredibly traumatic time; we were at a point where he was having 5 or 6 major physical fits a day.    I knew this was beyond what I understood, and was guided to Ginny from another healer who thought she could help. 

Not only has Ginny been able to help us by successfully peeling back the layers needed to deeply heal and reconstruct our lives, she has provided me with the tools I needed to understand we are all capable of healing ourselves, and taught me that love is the strongest force in the Universe.  We are definitely on the path of healing and transformation.  There are even days with no fits now and our quality of life has vastly improved.  My son even told me he knows his soul purpose is about love, he is 5 by the way.   

Recently, we were blessed to have a healing performed by one of her horses, Apache on my son.  This was truly a miraculous and beautiful event that I will never forget.  My son has realized he can communicate and hear animals.  Because of Ginny, many doors have opened in our lives, and I am forever grateful.  We are just a few of the many people this woman has touched and healed.  

Many thanks, Ginny!

--Annetta K.

Additional testimony added later: 

Ginny, I have my boy back! His temperament has cooled way down. He's been able to entertain himself, play, draw and allow me to work! Before when he would have freaked out over little things he's actually handling them today! Thank you.”

Honoring Ginny's Beloved Horse, Blue

mister blue 2001-2020

Blue was Ginny's personal horse, a rescue that everyone said could never be controlled and would kill her. He came to be the keystone to her healing herd of Medicine Horses on her ranch in Arizona. Blue was loved by everyone who met him. He challenged everyone to be their authentic self and live with integrity.