Who Reads Testimonials Anyway?

Everyone tells me I should shorten these client testimonials to one or two sentence blurbs. Read a few below or visit my testimonial archive and you'll see exactly why I can't do that.

Anyone can get a few people to say something nice about them! That's not why these heartfelt stories of overcoming challenges and trauma are here on my site. 

REAL people with REAL animals have shared their experiences with me and I am sharing them with you as written. If you don't have time to read them all, that's okay. Scroll through and choose four or five. You'll get the gist. 

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A Visit to the Pregnant Mare Rescue

I have thought about how to put into words the transformative experience of Ginny’s visit. The visit was astounding for me because it provided so much clarity and information to my lifelong questions, all the while healing my soul.

Her gifts are multiple layers of intuition, clairvoyance, a nurturing touch, attended listening, watching body language, and taking in the nuance of movement and breath. I witnessed again and again animals responding, acknowledging and engaging her in communication. She touched each soul be it horse or human. It was in these moments I could feel that we are spiritual beings, in different shells traveling thru this physical experience called our life.


Her unique talents create an opportunity to heal, to release the negative and embrace the positive. She creates a sacred space that eliminates confusion, doubt and frustration. In my mind I call it your 'heartside.' I have written about ‘Heartside’ but have never seen it working, healing, teaching and touching. [See below]

I have long understood its existence, but Ginny makes it happen. She moves effortlessly through a multi-dimensional realm calling upon selected gifts of information that serve the goal of her healing. Each meeting is different, each session needs its’ own set of tools. She holds access to the sacred meridians, chakras, intuition, non-verbal communication, shiatsu massage, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, acupressure, muscle reset, negotiating the somatic matrix for muscle and tissue symmetry. Ginny holds the mysterious notions of the unseen with tangible healing hands.


I would rush to make a meeting with Ginny a top priority in ones life. She will no doubt sky rocket into huge demand. Her work is just that phenomenal.



“I’ll travel to the new unknown, expectedly become vulnerable, and ask my physical self to be silent. I will call upon my spirit and heart. Your spirit, or heartside is where the breaking down of boundaries begins. Love and understanding live there.”

--Lynn Hummer, Aptos, CA

Ginny Jablonski

I have so much admiration and respect for what you do. I know that I am not the only client that must tell you that.

In your sessions with us you make us feel like we are the only client you have. The individual attention and what you recall about the previous sessions is so great!

I can't thank you enough for coming today. What a blessing it was for me and my herd.  --Debbie A.


Rango, relaxed at home with his herd. I can't remember the last time I've seen him so at ease. I cant remember the last time I've seen him lay down and just rest his legs.  I do believe there was truly something with the shared drum session we enjoyed this morning with Virginia "Ginny" Jablonski. 

I am very grateful for this past week's visit from such a kind and loving animal communicator.  I'm so glad she got the opportunity to spend quality time with the herd. She really helped me to better understand and appreciate each of them as truly sentient beings. They are each so unique and gifted in their own individual ways.

I was touched by the conversations she shared with the herd. Laverne and Eowyn truly blew me away with their connection. If Casie, Tracy at Steadfast Steeds, and Alice are willing to share in the comments below a bit about the sessions they had with their Mustangs and Ginny you would be amazed. It's been an incredible week!! 

This week has further validated for me that the path I'm on with the herd here at the ranch is uniquely mine and the herd... It's about compassion. It's about healing. It's about growing. It's about a greater purpose in one’s life.

--George Brauneis, Eckert, CO


"Thank you Ginny for a beautiful healing session today with Liesel!🐕💕

Here are two of the pictures I took when we were on the telephone talking to you:

One of her connecting to the earth and rubbing her cleansed facial auric field on the warm sandstone right after her clearing. 

I've seen her enjoy rolling in the grass before, but I've never seen her lie face down on the stones like that and rub both sides of her face on the warm stones. Then she did the same thing on the grass.

And one of her bringing me an appropriate chew toy right after you addressed the eating of non-edibles and asking for more appropriate things to chew on! 

[Added the following day] I'm so grateful for our work together! Liesel seems happier and more at ease in her body today. 

 I talked with her about it [her treatment of her companion animals] after the session, and she has been much better and less jealous when I give cuddles and Reiki to Bean! She even stays in the other room without clawing at the door and barking. I am so happy to be able to give Bean more love in peace!💗I feel like we have a better relationship now, too. 

 [Added a week later] I have been wanting to reach out to tell you about more of the positive changes that we saw with Liesel after her healing with you.  She became much gentler with Bean, our older dog, and much less jealous when we gave him attention.  Also, she accepted the clip leash readily for the first time ever, and has been enjoying our evening walks with Bean, a huge shift energetically to be able to take them both out for a good walk."

--Joan L, CA❤️

Animal Communication, Ginny Jablonski, Animal Healing, Reiki For Animals, Healing Touch For Animals

Hi Ginny, I just wanted to give you a little bit of a follow up on Bindi. I took her to my chiropractor. She does muscle testing and she’s able to muscle test using my arm for the dog. She’s a dog lover so she’s kind enough to help me with my dogs when I need it even though she doesn’t typically treat dogs other than her own.

You had said that you felt that the right side of Bindi’s throat was swollen. My chiropractor found that Bindi has an ear infection and that her right lymph node in her throat is swollen. She gave me some herbs with which to treat it. She also found that her C2 vertebrae was out and put it back in. C1 and C2 often come out when you have a sinus infection or ear infection.

Thank you so much for your help!

--Carrie A, CA

 Ginny, First I want to say that in the past several months Druid had been hacking like he had something caught in his throat. At the end we had to take a good deal of time to deal with that but he has not had any problem with that since. 

Second, I am so very very grateful how much you worked on me and got to some deep old parts with the past life. It was such an interesting conversation.

--M. S., Ireland

Traumatized horse, animal communication, equine therapy, horse healing, ginny jablonski.

Ginny,  I appreciate all the help, feedback and knowledge that you have given me. It has helped me press on when so many people told me to get rid of Pepper, or said so many negative things about owning a horse like him. 

Your reassurance that he was, in fact, traumatized and not just mean spirited, or simply a horse that was taught bad habits really helped.  

When he told you, “I’m never going to be safe,” knowing how he felt helped click in my head what I was dealing with. 

Here is a photo of him practically falling asleep while the farrier works on him. His lead rope is hanging on a tie ring, he could pull away if he wants to.  But, we ask him to stand and he CHOOSES to stay. 

The horse that “didn’t like to be groomed” when I first got him is now relaxed and actually enjoys being brushed. 

The horse that "didn’t like a shower" now stands perfectly to be rinsed off. 

The horse that used to trample me when I walked him now respects my space. 

The stand-off-ish horse I would retrieve from the pasture now comes when I call him. 

The horse that I didn’t think really cared if I came down to the stable or not now shows affection. 

He still has more trauma to work through, but I see much more of a willingness to connect.

You've convinced me that traumatized horses can heal!" 

-- Jana M. Riverside, CA

Note from Ginny: This testimonial is EXACTLY why I do what I do every day! 


  ​I first met Ginny through a 2 day energy healing & animal communication clinic in Reistertown, MD. During those 2 days I learned a lot about myself as well as the amazing gift Ginny has.  She was a wonderful teacher who made the clinic comfortable and safe feeling as well as fun and very informative. 

Before she left I asked her to come communicate with my 2 horses. My one horse had a lot to share, I wasn’t surprised. Turns out he is a Medicine Horse! He loved Ginny, constantly nuzzling and yawning at her. When we went to move on he kept nuzzling her as to say “Please don’t go”. 

It was nice to listen and watch Ginny do her work as she was very respectful to what the horse wanted. My second horse was a pony I pulled from the kill pen 2.5 years ago. He was an Amish pony and now goes to local shows helping a young girl learn the ropes. He’s been an amazing pony but his personality most of the time seemed to be dimmed. 

Ginny instantly picked up on a lot with him, things she never could have known without her amazing gift. She then went on to say he had a heavy energy that has stuck with him from a past experience, which was [depleting] his positive energy. After clearing him, the difference was amazing. 

She told me to give him a day to settle and that I would see a difference. The next day I immediately contacted Ginny, he was a different horse. Since that day his eyes have brightened and his ears perked, always attentive and finally happy looking. 

I can’t thank her enough. I highly recommend her both as a teacher and an animal communicator! 

--Maggie H, Upperco, MD


 In July 2018, I saw a picture of a beautiful soul in a BLM holding pen posted by George Brauneis of Eagles and Wild Horses Ranch. I knew immediately he was the horse I’d waited my life for. It was Romeo. In August, 2018 we finally met face to face. He was titled to me by the BLM and he always had his eyes on me... 

I met the rest of the herd that welcomed him on August 18th when I met this beautiful roan mare (pictured right) named Eowyn. I would whisper in her ear “I wish you were mine.” She had something that I wanted. I wasn’t exactly sure what, but I saw her gunmetal hair and knew she had lived through it, as have I, but she had a deeper calmness about her.

Over the last year and few months, I’ve driven three hours one way to spend time with my equine family. I brought myself to them when I could not be around anyone else and also in wonderful spirits. This year has been a doozy... And thanks to Romeo for being my most trusted confidant, love always finds a way I suppose and now Romeo and Eowyn have a thing 🖤

Fast forward to October this year, George and I knew that I would soon bring Romeo +1 to Eagle. Lots of time chilling with them had revealed that Romeo & Eowyn were staying a pair, but we still needed more info it seemed. Enter Virginia "Ginny" Jablonski, Animal Communicator who came to visit George in Eckert, CO just a couple days past my birthday in October. She said the horses wanted to offer me a healing. Horses, especially mustangs, are very emotionally intelligent. I’ve always said this past year that Romeo is the only one that knows everything. 

Well, "Ginny" came in and gave voice to the horses and my deepest darkness was brought to light. Safely, my horse showed love and wisdom to me that only a horse can. Via a human that never once made me feel judged, and honestly had no idea what she was talking about. I said to her you are nailing this how do you know me!? She said, "It’s not me. Remember, I’m telling you what they are saying."
After that part that left me crying and understanding what I had been going through, Eowyn walked up right in front of me, 🖤to🖤, and through "Ginny" she said she wants to share the peace in her heart with me. That her heart is my hearts home. This peace Eowyn is also offering to the world, and it is helping me and my dear friend Regina, too🥰

We three humans were given other clues that day as to what these horses saw and desired in their next and our next chapter.

I have been looking for their perfect new Home in eagle for a couple months. After this interaction, I literally did not take no as an answer when I found what we were looking for. Haha she told me no and I sent her videos of us that changed her mind. I don’t have a ton of horse experience. I just happen to have these two as some of my closest friends🙂

Eowyn and Romeo are on their way today to their new home at the “Horse Castle” 3 miles up a dirt road, in the Rocky Mountains-views galore, trails, grass, trees, creeks. They’ll have a huge pasture of their own and stream running though it.

I’m so excited to have all my animals in the same county. Our own li'l slice of heaven in Eagle Colorado. Never knew how I would ever get to where I am today. Ever. In my deepest parts I’m just a horse struck li'l kid dreaming I’ll have a horse of my own one day. Tomorrow I get to have coffee with them -- in my home town !! That I love !!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart George Brauneis, you know how much I love you. And thank you "Ginny"  for coming thru and showing us so much heart. We will never forget it. And i know I’ll see both of y’all in Eagle 🦅

Fly on little wings !!!
Best day!!!

--Casie Miranda Sunshine, Colorado


I met Ginny over the phone and she was able to identify with my horse immediately. The funny thing is that another horse that Ginny had never met, interrupted and came through to her. She was able to work with both horses, and was accurate in her knowledge and so insightful. It was truly amazing to see what gifts Ginny has, and her love for healing. I had an immediate connection with her. 

About a month later, she came and did some body work and some healing on the same mare, and what she was able to identify was great. She is a true animal healer, and so knowledgeable about the anatomy. I highly recommend working with Ginny. 

--Lyn M.


Ginny is an absolute gift. I consider her a colleague, friend, and mentor. We met several years ago and share the same the love for horses, health, truth, and authenticity. 

Professionally, we have consulted together for various difficult equine cases, that have required a “think outside the box perspective.” 

Ginny always delivers, 110% of the time. She is a wealth of knowledge and expertise that disseminates correct information in a manner I have yet to find another person to be able to do. 

From her specificity of describing a horse’s personality, quirks, and body movements; to an all-around outstanding horsewoman. Ginny is someone you want to have in your wheelhouse. If all else fails, call Ginny!!!

--Bek Jarzombek, DC



I'm a skeptical cynic, but ironically one with a deep faith in the immortality of the soul, and someone who knows that horses, more so it seems than many other animals, are exceedingly sensitive to the energy created by ones emotional state.

I don't know how you do what you do, I can't begin to fathom the gift you possess, but hearing first hand from others about work you've done with their horses has left me convinced of two things.

One, we don't really understand this world we live in the way we should, because what you do is inexplicable by science, and has actually deepened my faith.

Two, you're amazing. 

Please let me know when you're back in the area.

I have a couple mares and a foal you need to speak to... 

Thanks for doing what you do.

--Michael G.

Further testimony after several in person sessions with Michael and his horses:

  The gift bestowed upon Virginia (Ginny) Jablonski is immeasurable in value, and I count myself among the cynics of the world, but I've seen too much of her work inexplicably have effects I cannot explain to discount that which I cannot prove.  

Her connection to that which most of us cannot perceive is unquantifiable yet undeniable.   A skeptic such as myself is hard pressed to accept the abilities of a person like Virginia (Ginny), even as we will admit there are things we cannot perceive that do exist. 

But, to ignore the evidence one has seen with their own eyes, even when it is unexplainable, is to deny reality, which a practicing skeptic cannot do.  In short, Virginia (Ginny)is unquestionably genuine, both as a person, and a horse talker.  

--Michael G. 

Ginny is a true healer. She brings compassion and clarity to our conversation.   

My dog (German Shepherd x Hound x Terrier/Pit) had developed strong prey drive over the past year which has been drawing bad energy in the form of unwanted attention from other animals toward us. Ginny taught me how to clear my/our energy (I also had a big life event the previous year), and it has helped both my dog and me tremendously.

I called Ginny in a panic as we were planning to go camping just the two of us, and I was worried a mountain lion would be attracted to our energy.  However, when we went camping, my dog was a gem! Not one bark, in fact, when other dogs were losing their mind when people would walk by, my dog would look up at me, I thanked him for good behavior, then he would look back and observe the others. He didn't lunge when he saw something of interest, instead, he took to my redirection (using old skills we learned from a dog trainer), and was compliant with my commands (his stubborn Beagle side wasn't dominating!).


Recently we were visiting a friend at her home. Her dogs were not socialized, and have a dog run the parameter of the fence line. All of us were pleasantly surprised to see that my dog walked by without flinching, and the other dogs didn't bark back the entire time we sat in their backyard. They didn't sniff each other but were quiet and there wasn't a weird feeling at all! 

My connection with my 7 year old pup has never been stronger, and I'm grateful that I have another tool to work with to keep both of us safe, communicating and happy.  Ginny is intuitive [and has been] able to tell me things I needed to hear to also help make peace with my life transition. I'm grateful for her and highly recommend her to anyone looking to make peace in their homes and allow their companions to continue to grow deeper into our lives and hearts. 

--Meg Spicer DC, San Fransisco, CA



Three months ago, I stood by the paddock with tears streaming down my face feeling like a total failure. I had adopted Chunk and Monk to give them a safe place to learn to trust humans and live out what remains of their lives in safety. After over two years of caring for them, I was no closer to being trusted and my heart hurt at their continued avoidance of contact in spite of how much I loved them. 

I have studied trauma, worked with kids of trauma, healed layers of my own trauma, yet nothing seemed to get through to “the boys” that they are safe forever. I knew something had to change and, in that moment, put out a silent prayer to the Universe to send me help. In spite of a lifelong love for horses, I had not made a dent in Chunk and Monk’s extreme trauma. 

Chunk and Monk are Hackney ponies who came to me via Blue Moon Rescue in Chino Valley, AZ. They were originally Amish cart ponies, but had suffered a terrible accident which left Monk blind and each with healed wounds where their cart shaft had likely severed muscles leaving large indentations on both of their bodies that I could put a fist into. 

When they were healed enough to travel, but no longer useful to pull a cart, they were auctioned and sold to a roping school in Arizona. There they were roped like cows by students learning the craft. Their wounds were healed, but their minds and spirits were not. Being roped by students added to their trauma and they came to me broken, afraid, wounded, and Monk was blind with no desire to be near humans.

The weekend after I stood at the paddock in despair, my husband and I started watching movies about horses on Netflix and the movie “Life, Adjusted” popped up with the story of a chiropractor who worked with traumatized horses. I began to search for someone local who could help me with the ponies. I knew any kind of training would not be helpful; they were once well-trained and the issue wasn’t training, but broken spirits. 

My search turned up a local horse body worker and I called her immediately. She came within a few days and worked on both ponies. The work she did helped with the physical trauma caused by their damaged muscles, but I knew they needed additional help to release the spiritual and energetic trauma or they would not heal or trust. My gut was driving me to continue to search for “something more.” I would continue to schedule body work, but knew I had to keep looking.

Later that night, I was online reading about horses and looking through the Facebook pages of a few nearby rescues and the name of an animal communicator popped up. I have consulted one regarding horses in my care in the past and knew without a doubt that there are gifted people with a spiritual connection who are able to read both people and animals.  I contacted Virginia "Ginny" Jablonski immediately and she agreed to come the next day as she was leaving town in two days for extended travel.

Ginny arrived at the scheduled time and we talked at length about Chunk and Monk. We had this one window of opportunity as Ginny was leaving for two months and I, too, had a lengthy vacation scheduled during the time she would be out of town. Monk was in his stall and we agreed he was most in need of attention in the little time we had. His biggest issue to overcome was his “fight or flight” tendency to rear and pull back because of his history of extreme trauma.

I untied his lead rope at Ginny’s request and we began the work with me in the stall next to Monk and Ginny standing two feet away so she could talk me through the session. Monk stood attentively near the two of us and allowed me near enough to be the conduit to Ginny’s healing touch. He actually let me touch him! It was as if he knew we were there to help and that Ginny was the answer to this final layer of trauma. He was nervous, but we moved slowly and I felt this amazing connection to his heart.

Ginny talked to him and to me as we worked to help Monk release the fear and trauma that had become an energetic part of his body and psyche. It was what caused him to leave any time a human tried to make contact with him. He would hide to the best of his ability by going to the furthest corner of the paddock or placing his body behind that of his longtime partner, Chunk. 

During the session, I could feel his fear and the struggle he had to allow us to work with him, but he stood and gave up his fear as Ginny spoke softly and allowed him the time he needed to release years and years of stored trauma. (Trauma is stored at a cellular level and until it can be released in a safe environment, it continues to affect all body systems in humans and animals.)

By the end of the session, Monk was yawning, then he actually nodded off while standing directly between two humans who were only a foot away from him on either side!! 

I had spent two years trying to get that close to him without tying him or coercing him (adding to his trauma). It was amazing and I just stood there with tears streaming down my face. During the time Monk was releasing his traumatic energy, he actually had tears streaming down his face as well. We opened his stall door and he actually stayed with us for a period of time instead of retreating as was his norm.

Before she left, Ginny invited me to follow up with a 21 Day Chair Exercise originated by Carolyn Resnick and available online. I signed up immediately and started the very next day as I had only 28 days before I would be gone for an entire month. Each day during that time, I spent an hour with the ponies reading and meditating using materials provided via the program. I had to adjust much of it to work with both ponies together and because we did not have a working connection. The connection is finally developing after more than two years of trying to love these ponies without doing further damage. 

The turning point was Ginny’s healing session. The very next day, Monk stood still and let me put his fly mask on without our former lengthy ritual that always engendered fear responses. I had the bodyworker back two more times before I left for my travels and both ponies made huge leaps in allowing her to work on them. Monk only briefly reared and pulled back once following Ginny’s session. I completed the chair exercise, then left for my month away. In that time, Monk actually stood for me to halter him. I held out the halter and told him what my intention was and he put his nose into the halter and allowed me to fasten it, which has always been a dicey dance between us.

As most horse-people know, time off after a huge learning experience allows a horse to take that experience in. After being away for a month, I returned to our usual routine and needed to apply fly spray. Monk stood without a halter or lead rope and allowed me to walk around his entire body spraying him and talking to him the entire time. I continue to be amazed at the changes that are taking place and look forward to developing my relationship with Chunk and Monk, as well as with Ginny Jablonski. 

--Sally Salisbury, Prescott, AZ


Thank you SO much, Ginny! 

I contacted Ginny seeking help for a horse I rescued about a month ago. Going into the communication session, I was rather skeptical, but wanted to keep an open mind and at least try and see if I got anything out of it. And I'm so glad I did. 

All she knew was my horses' names, how long I'd had them, and where they were rescued from. To hit the nail on the head perfectly with both horses, and then with horses from my past I never once mentioned to her, truly made me believe she's the real deal.

The gelding I'd sought her out for even walked up to me and dropped his head to let me rub on him when I went to clean stalls after the session with Ginny, something he's never done before. 

Thanks to her, I feel like I have a better understanding of him moving forward, and I'm looking forward to his follow-up with her. 

--Renae, San Diego, CA

I first met Ginny about 5 years ago during a time when I was desperate for healing. She has always been the one to say that we are our own healers, and has continuously over the years shown me that that is the truth.


I haven't met anyone more willing to share their knowledge and abilities simply for the greater good than Ginny. I count her as a close friend, one that teaches and loves deeply, and honors each of us on our path.


It's rare to come across a teacher who doesn’t work from their Ego. Ginny is the exception. 

-- Linda G, Paulden, AZ

Thank you for sharing their (the animals) voices with me yesterday. It helped to refine the lens for a clearer view of their future.

--Carrie Singer

Animal Guardian Network at

Healing River Ranch, Camp Verde, AZ

Ginny is a natural teacher and has taught me so much about using my own unique set of intuitive gifts. She has studied so much and has a vast knowledge of energy healing modalities and philosophies.


What I appreciate about her is the ability to consolidate her body of knowledge into a system that I know resonates with my higher self. 

She is so very intuitive and is able to help me by validating what I sense and do in my own practice. This alone allows me to gain confidence in fine tuning my own personal intuitive language. 

I see multiple times daily her methods at work informing my own life and the lives of my family and pets.    

--Chris N. Camas, WA


Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for Ginny’s help in my family.  My beautiful boy has struggled with extreme anger and frustration for a few years now.  One thing lead to another and while we accomplished a lot on our own I realized I needed some help.  This has been an incredibly traumatic time; we were at a point where he was having 5 or 6 major physical fits a day.    I knew this was beyond what I understood, and was guided to Ginny from another healer who thought she could help. 

Not only has Ginny been able to help us by successfully peeling back the layers needed to deeply heal and reconstruct our lives, she has provided me with the tools I needed to understand we are all capable of healing ourselves, and taught me that love is the strongest force in the Universe.  We are definitely on the path of healing and transformation.  There are even days with no fits now and our quality of life has vastly improved.  My son even told me he knows his soul purpose is about love, he is 5 by the way.   

Recently, we were blessed to have a healing performed by one of her horses, Apache on my son.  This was truly a miraculous and beautiful event that I will never forget.  My son has realized he can communicate and hear animals.  Because of Ginny, many doors have opened in our lives, and I am forever grateful.  We are just a few of the many people this woman has touched and healed.  

Many thanks, Ginny! 

--Annetta K.


Additional testimony added two months later: 

Ginny, I have my boy back! His temperament has cooled way down. He's been able to entertain himself, play, draw and allow me to work! Before when he would have freaked out over little things he's actually handling them today! Thank you.” 






I first became aware of Ginny when she went to San Diego, CA to volunteer at the Del Mar racetrack after devastating fires tore through San Diego county, displacing over 900 horses... She made many correct assessments, just by “listening” to them... I had recently adopted a "rescue" dog. So, we say hello, as this is over the phone, and Sammie immediately came and sat beside me - and he stared at me. Not just laying down, as per his usual. He stared at me throughout the entire conversation. 

Ginny said that Sammie wanted to know what was wrong with "daddy." She said that Sammie was concerned because his former owner had died and was concerned that daddy was going to die. The thing is, she didn’t even know I was married, or that he was sick! He has end stage renal failure, and is on the transplant list, so it was definitely a goose bump moment for me. I was asked to tell Sammie, who was still intently looking at me, what was wrong with daddy and if there was anything he could do to help. I explained about my husband's kidneys, and asked him, "Please don’t jump on daddy’s lap as it is very painful for him." His kidneys are the size of footballs, as opposed to the size of a fist, so he is very uncomfortable. 

Then Sammie wanted to know several other things, including if he needed to do anything else to stay here, because he loves it here. I had never used an animal communicator before, but was very open, as stated in my first paragraph. Ginny was spot on -- and not just about daddy’s health. 

Sammie has never jumped on my husband’s abdomen since that day. And the minute the conversation was winding up, he went to look for his toy. It’s like he knew he was heard, and had all his questions answered. I know there are many people in this industry that may take advantage of people, but Ginny is not one of them. I highly recommend her for all living creatures. She is selfless, kind and in tune with all creatures, great and small. I could not recommend her enough. My Sammie thanks her, because he is a different doggie...  Thank you, Ginny, for helping us.

--Charlotte M.



I was recently having lunch with Ginny and we were chatting about my mare, Aurora, who had recently passed away. Ginny asked, "Why would she say that Aurora is not her name? She is saying that her name is Angela." I was surprised that she would know this and shared that when we got her we were told the previous owner changed her name from Angela to Aurora.

--Antoinette M. Crestline, CA





After searching a year for a good breeder of paroletts, I finally found one in January of this year. I named him Angelo because his colors are white, light blue and a bit of yellow on his head and he reminded me of angel wings. Angelo was hand fed and raised by a wonderful woman. She taught him to step on fingers and reassured me he would bond to me. Paroletts are not flock birds but attach themselves to one mate. In our first few days, he was in shock but did step up so I continued with his training and bonding, advised by his breeder. It was around his 4th day that he refused, became afraid of me and started to bite every time I approached him. After trying everything from the breeder to the internet, I was not getting anywhere. I belong to a group on Facebook where I asked for help and ideas. This is where I found Ginny...

I called her and through her abilities to communicate with Angelo she was able to articulate what his problem was as well as give me advice on how to proceed with our relationship. I now understand the little guy, and he is learning without touching him or forcing him to trust me. You see he had already bonded with the breeder. Instead of being frustrated with each other we now have developed a new relationship... 

Because of Ginny, we are a lot happier and he is no longer biting me.  He is no longer afraid when sitting on top of his cages when we walk by and talk to him. He now understands that when he flies off his cage onto the floor I have to pick him up to keep him safe as his wings are clipped. He actually lets me and there is no biting! When that happens I sometimes place him on my shoulder. He loves to hide and play in my long hair. We are making tremendous progress! Thank you so much for helping us understand each other. I think we will have a long friendship and life together. I would recommend Ginny to anyone with a pet relationship issue. It could be the difference between a successful relationship or a failure leading to finding that pet a different owner which usually ends up with a sad ending. Angelo is a sweet bird again and now we can enjoy life together without fear.
--Rosayn W.  

Flag Ranch

We are so grateful for Ginny's generous sharing of her spirit, knowledge and insight. Her multi-disciplinary experience... helped us to even more fully understand and appreciate our horses." 

-- Kimberly Carlisle, Co-Founder (with Flag, the horse) and Chief Steward, Flag Ranch 






I reached out to Ginny about my gelding after a friend of mine had an amazing session with her and her mare.  I wanted to know more about my goofy boy and what made him tick, if he had anything to tell me and if any roadblocks in our training could be explained.  

Playboy immediately turned a phone session that was supposed to be about him into a session mostly about me; he had a lot to say about me personally as his owner and brought up other areas of my life that Ginny had no way of knowing about.  My horse was concerned about my dad's health. I had been having nightmares about him passing of a heart attack recently. We spent some time on that and moved on with the session.  

Playboy thanked me for saving his life because he knew that he was facing a bullet if I hadn't stepped in; he said that we were brought together to heal each other and after the past emotional trauma we both have been through. I can honestly say we've saved each other.  

Throughout the session, Playboy would show Ginny his movements- a head nod here or there- little did she know that at those moments, he was actually doing the movement right before my eyes!  He'd show her places I had just touched, or places that he had an injury.  There were several times that he would just walk over to me and just stand in front of me, looking at me and not moving.  At one point, he placed his head up against mine and began tickling me with his lips while Ginny explained what was going through his mind.    

We wrapped up our session with some energy work, clearing some of the blocks that Playboy had.  She walked me through the steps and I could feel the energy coursing from me to him as we worked together.  After our session he followed me around like a puppy and felt much lighter and happier.  It was an emotional experience and I can honestly say that our session with Ginny brought us even closer in our bond.  She has an amazing gift and I highly recommend her. 

--Brittany C.


Ginny is a very gifted healer -the "real deal." She is very intuitive and always spot on! She helped me and my husband very much and I would recommend her for any animal healing as well. She is exceptionally good with past life problems that are manifesting for you now and feels very clearly what is going on. I highly recommend her! I know a good energy healer when I feel one, as I am one too! You will not be disappointed! Thank you, Ginny! 

--Rita R. Prescott, AZ

Animal Communication, Ginny Jablonski

 I’ve always been open to animal communicators. I had contacted one in CA years ago with a mare that I had at the time, but it wasn’t a great experience. I had no idea that there are people like Ginny who can REALLY communicate with animals. Not just talk with them, but help them heal. She has a real gift. I heard of Ginny from a mutual friend who knew about some of the problems I was having with my new horse. I called and made a phone appointment. From the moment she started talking, I knew she was way different from the one in CA, and way BETTER. She’s amazing. I don’t understand how she does it, but my horse is more loving and I feel a connection to him I hadn’t felt. I’m so thankful she’s now my friend and I look forward to many more sessions. I highly recommend her. She is the real deal and has so much love for the animals and humanity. Thank you, Ginny 

--Claudia W. Prescott Valley, AZ


 THE REAL DEAL. I first had contact with Ginny over the phone to ask her about the classes she was teaching. I knew she was gifted, and I had to know more. That was a little over a year a half ago. Since then she has become a dear friend; a real treasure to find in this life. She has helped me energetically clear the property on which we live, talked with my animals,( there was no way for her to possibly know, what she did about my horses and dogs. The info she gave was spot on.) She has also mentored me with my own abilities, and helped me greatly. Ginny has a real passion for helping you understand the energy that's present, and being relayed. She has the biggest heart, and loves with a great passion. You feel it when she's around you, and the animals feel it too. It's a beautiful thing to watch her work, and speak with these amazing animals we most often misunderstand. Thank you for all your heart and soul you put into this work. You are most appreciated. 

--Amanda P. Hayden, Idaho 


 I want to thank you so very much for your work with our dog and cat. Before you met us our dog was terrified of the car and was afraid to go outside so he would do his business by the front door on a daily basis. He will now ride in the car without having to drag him and he consistently asks to go outside to do his business. 

Additionally, we have owned our cat for 10 years and she never once slept in our bed, in fact the only time she would come into our bed would be to swat me to tell me she needed food. She actually slept in our bed last night for the first time and she is much more affectionate after having only one session with you.

I've spoken to many animal communicators to solve problems with my pets in the past few years and you were the only one that was able to identify the root of the problems and bring true resolution to our issues. Your holistic approach to looking at both our human energies in the home as well as the animals' was freaking amazing!

Our life is so much more peaceful and calm -- you are a miracle worker! This has been truly life changing and I would recommend you a thousand times over.! 

Thank you! Thank you!

--Kris M.


At Steadfast Steeds Mustang Sanctuary, we support formerly wild horses that have lost their freedom, family and familiar way of life. We share the American Mustang with the public through equine experiential learning. Ginny came to Steadfast Steeds to support one mustang. When she left, she shared messages from nearly every mustang on the property! 

We had no experience with Ginny before she arrived on site, and yet, every message she gave voice to was unique to the individual. When introduced to a mustang we call Casanova, his first statement was “don’t let the name fool you” (Hah! He was born on Valentine’s Day), and next came “I like working with tough guys, the ones that want to push everyone around, I can be with them and support them”. On occasion at Steadfast Steeds, we work with at-risk-youth. Many of the young men that come to the Sanctuary to volunteer and interact with the Mustangs are tough guys; when we go to the pasture for “pony time”, Casanova marches right up to those tough guys and gives them a strong nudge. The boys lean in; no one in their life allows them to express themselves the way Casanova does. 

Casaova had an additional message: “book”; Ginny exclaimed, “I have never had a horse use the word BOOK with me before. Did you write a book?” We are working on a book, it begs to be finished! And, when my partner writes, he utilizes a special piece as his muse: it is a Kindred Spirit of Casanova that holds space with him as he writes!

Ginny’s time at Steadfast Steeds created an opening, one filled with love and magic for the horses and their extraordinary, specialized work! 

WOW! Thank you so much Ginny!

--Tracy Harmon Scott, Glade Park, CO

I have worked with Ginny for over a year now and she has helped me with many different issues; both mine as well as my animals.

I am a certified Pranic Healer and am very sensitive to energy around me. I truly resonate with Ginny's work and methodology. She is the first person that I can honestly say has been able to facilitate positive changes with me, the dogs, and the horses. She is humble and very compassionate.
I recently listened to her speech at Chicago IANDS via YouTube and listening to her speak in that venue gave me some immensely valuable information and tools to help me with some of my own challenges. It left me more empowered and much of my fear and doubt was mitigated through her sharing her experiences. 

The exercises that she has shared with me I am utilizing every day. I trust and honor her work. Unconditional forgiveness and love are absolutely the answer in my opinion. She is a real gift.

--Janee R. San Diego, CA


An excerpt from a presentation Ginny has made: