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Everyone tells me I should shorten these client testimonials to one or two sentence blurbs. Read a few below and you'll see exactly why I can't do that.

Anyone can get a few people to say something nice about them! That's not why these heartfelt stories of overcoming challenges and trauma are here on my site. 

REAL people with REAL animals have shared their experiences with me and I am sharing them with you as written. If you don't have time to read them all, that's okay. Scroll through and choose four or five stories to digest You'll get the gist. 



 THE REAL DEAL. I first had contact with Ginny over the phone to ask her about the classes she was teaching. I knew she was gifted, and I had to know more. That was a little over a year a half ago. Since then she has become a dear friend; a real treasure to find in this life. She has helped me energetically clear the property on which we live, talked with my animals,( there was no way for her to possibly know, what she did about my horses and dogs. The info she gave was spot on.) She has also mentored me with my own abilities, and helped me greatly. Ginny has a real passion for helping you understand the energy that's present, and being relayed. She has the biggest heart, and loves with a great passion. You feel it when she's around you, and the animals feel it too. It's a beautiful thing to watch her work, and speak with these amazing animals we most often misunderstand. Thank you for all your heart and soul you put into this work. You are most appreciated. 

--Amanda P. Idaho 



I want to thank you so very much for your work with our dog and cat. Before you met us our dog was terrified of the car and was afraid to go outside so he would do his business by the front door on a daily basis. He will now ride in the car without having to drag him and he consistently asks to go outside to do his business. 

Additionally, we have owned our cat for 10 years and she never once slept in our bed, in fact the only time she would come into our bed would be to swat me to tell me she needed food. She actually slept in our bed last night for the first time and she is much more affectionate after having only one session with you.

I've spoken to many animal communicators (4 or 5 and I've read all of their books!)  to solve problems with my pets in the past few years and you were the only one that was able to identify the root of the problems and bring true resolution to our issues. Your holistic approach to looking at both our human energies in the home as well as the animals' was freaking amazing!

Our life is so much more peaceful and calm -- you are a miracle worker! This has been truly life changing and I would recommend you a thousand times over! 

Thank you! Thank you!

--Kris M.

Animal Communication


Wildfire and General

Wildfire and General

My Bull Terrier, Bruce, absolutely hates cats with a murderous passion. After his communication session with Ginny he has stopped chasing and trying to catch them. From a dog who would pull on his leash and bark incessantly at them, he will now lie down off leash and do his best to ignore them. I’m astonished at how much he has improved with just one session. I was amazed at how well she was able to nail his quirky personality! Bruce is stubborn and clown-like and she was able to express that without knowing his breed or anything about him other than he was a rescue who wanted to eat cats. Bruce told her he “hates, hates, hates cats!” That was what I had gathered based on his prior behavior, and being that emphatic about it is totally him!

**Update on Bruce: It has been several months and Bruce has not been aggressive towards my mother's cats since his conversation with Ginny. However, my mother's cats have retaliated against him when he visits on weekends. They gang up on him, taunt him and have made his life miserable. Bruce has responded by peeing in their litter box. He is a genius(!) and has found a way to embrace my/Ginny's request while satisfying his own dignity and perspective. Thanks, again, Ginny!

--Cassandra C. M.



I have an American Eskimo named Loki who is a rescue dog. He’s spunky and full of character. He started acting depressed and not his usual self exhibiting odd behavior. I sensed he could benefit from meeting Virginia (Ginny) Jablonski. She was able to connect with him and pinpoint key issues I was unaware of. Plus, she suggested a few changes I needed to make.  As soon as I took her advice and changed a few things, Loki sparked right up to his happy self. I love how he looks so happy now. I am really appreciative that Ginny shared her gift/talents with me and Loki to give us insight on how I can best help my Loki. The change was instant. Thank you Ginny you are a blessing! I highly recommend Ginny to everyone.   

--Tina F.


Ginny is a natural teacher and has taught me so much about using my own unique set of intuitive gifts. She has studied so much and has a vast knowledge of energy healing modalities and philosophies. What I appreciate about her is the ability to consolidate her body of knowledge into a system that I know resonates with my higher self. She is so very intuitive and is able to help me by validating what I sense and do in my own practice. This alone allows me to gain confidence in fine tuning my own personal intuitive language. I see multiple times daily her methods at work informing my own life and the lives of my family and pets.    

--Chris N.

Wildfire and General

Wildfire and General

Wildfire and General

Our experience working with Ginny has been nothing but positive. She is one of the most kind, caring and compassionate people we’ve had the privilege of meeting. Both my husband and I felt a very strong connection to her, and her ability to communicate with our horses was amazing. I smile every time I think of how our session started. We were going to speak with our gelding, General,  when my mare, Wildfire, decided she really wanted to talk. This is so totally hysterical because I’ve always thought that she has so much to say! LOL!

We have witnessed such an incredible change in General since Ginny spoke with him.  Additionally, Ginny mentioned that he needed a chiropractic adjustment which we did within days of her session. In the years that I’ve owned him I have never seen him run, play or buck. I walked out there today and he was cantering as fast as he could all the way across the pasture. He was running, jumping, rearing and rolling and he is as full of energy and life as I have ever seen him. It was magnificent and horrifying all at the same time!  Ginny was able to help us answer several questions and we look forward to working with her more in the future.

--Amber B. 

Back in the Saddle

I met Ginny when she came to volunteer her services at Back in the Saddle in Alpine, CA. Ginny was immediately warm, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to (I can be a bit shy at first). The horses clearly felt the same way and responded very well to Ginny’s gentle demeanor. Many interesting pieces of information came up that day, but the part that will always stand out to me is when Ginny was able to identify an accident that had happened between a horse and a resident on the ranch in which the resident was accidentally harmed with no prior knowledge that such a thing had ever occurred. Pretty remarkable!

If you are interested in knowing your horses or pets better, or are curious about energy work with animals, I recommend that you contact Ginny today.

--Ashley; San Diego, CA

Lane and Winnie

Today I had a wonderful session with Virginia "Ginny" Jablonski. After speaking with Lane I went out to visit him and chat some more. Lane was at peace, he was very calm with soft eyes, he lowered his head as I approached and for the 1st time he rested his head on my arm. He is happy to finally know he’s home. 

Then, a bay horse wanted to be heard... It was my first horse, Winnie. It was not Winnie’s fault as to why I could not keep her. I lost track of her where abouts and have been searching for her for years.

During the session, Winnie told Virginia she was always with me in spirit and she was unsure of what the future held for her. I have a picture of Winnie racing that has been hanging on the wall next to my bed for years. The picture has been untouched for quite some time. Last night, it fell.

I messaged Virginia and she expressed to me that Winnie was saying hello.
Thank you, Virginia!!! 

--Tami S.


No Way

Wildfire and General

No Way

I had questions that I needed answered about my mare, No-Way. As it turns out she has told Ginny many things. I can confirm that there was information that Ginny got from No-Way that there was no way (ha, pun intended) she could have known. She spoke of No-Way's injury and how she fears jumping because it would bring her pain and Ginny said she thought it was the sesamoid. I can confirm that No-Way does have a minor injury to her sesamoid bone, but it has not yet been x-rayed. I am so very thankful for Ginny...she has helped me more than I ever could have imagined. And she has helped No-Way. Ginny is the real deal, guys. My life has forever changed because I met her.

--Chelsea M.


Of course animals have thoughts, feelings and emotions! I'm sad for people that don't believe they do. If they didn't then my horses wouldn't come up to my window and stand with their faces on the glass every time you are doing work with them over the phone. Not just one, but both of them. Its amazing. Daisy literally walked up from the corner of the yard and stood there until you were finished with her the other day. And Ana! She still needs a lot of work but after working with you I've been able to walk up and halter her for the first time in 6 weeks. Your work is amazing Ginny and I'm just so grateful that you are a part of our lives. I'm so glad I found you!!!

--Kim G.

Ginny did a reading for me about a troubled relationship that I have had for 33 years.  She found a deep history of entanglement and worked to dissolve the threads.  I was given homework, which I followed for 5 weeks to finish clearing the issues.  The day after the reading, it all became clear to me and I knew it was time to end this connection.   I had wanted to end it with this person for a while, but it never seemed appropriate before.  I thank Ginny for the clarity  to clear up an uncomfortable relationship. I feel free.

--Ruth S.

 Ginny is absolutely amazing!  She has come out twice to our property to help us understand how to communicate with our horses better and every single time, I have not only been able to transform my relationship with my horse, but I’ve learned so much about myself. She has been able to tell us things about our horses past, discomfort they are experiencing (including bit discomfort by a mare, which there were not any obvious signs of), and has helped many of our rescues move past previous trauma and helped us understand how we can help them past it.  Ginny truly has a talent and I am immensely appreciative for everything she has done to help me and my horses have a better, successful relationship. I don’t know where I’d be without her help. 

--Alex T.

Standardbred Retirement Foundation

Standardbred Retirement Foundation

Standardbred Retirement Foundation


The past two days we had a very special volunteer! Ginny Jablonski came here all the way from Arizona to donate Equine Shiatsu massage to our horses.  Shiatsu massage not only deals with massaging muscle, but correcting energy flow in the horse as well, getting “releases” from the horse.  A lot of the Amish horses have many energy blockages, where they hold onto their anxiety, stress, and sadness. Ginny worked to help the horses release this negative energy.  Ginny was also very skilled in determining where horses might need chiropractic work. Onery is blocked up in his neck, and had some muscle inflammation because of this. During her session, the swelling decreased by 50%!!! And the coolest part was that Ginny also can “communicate” with the animals. Normally, I’d be skeptical but too much just seemed true and the releases she got from just talking to the horses were AMAZING!!

--Brielle R.


My sessions over the phone with Ginny were informative and amazing to hear. 

...we have done quite a few sessions over the phone. She can work with more than just horses. She has done a session with our young llama Kusco which revealed a lot and he is such a ham. But it improved his attitude quite a bit afterwards. 

I do highly recommend Ginny. PS Kusco is doing a lot better and even more of a ham! 

--Jessica G.

Love This Horse - Arabian Rescue

Standardbred Retirement Foundation

Standardbred Retirement Foundation


Before I met Ginny our rescued colt, Jose, was very reactive and would constantly run away and hurt himself on fences, etc. We had to have the Vet sedate him 3 separate times to wrap an injury and change the bandage. The afternoon after Ginny spoke with him he allowed me to pet him and love on him without frantically running away. He is able to tolerate my touch and continues to make improvement.

Another of our rescued horses, Al, was rejected at the Mexican border for unknown reasons. He was so scared when he came to us, he must have been treated very poorly. Every time we tried to touch him he would run away. I felt a deep sadness from him that would make me cry whenever I got near him. The day after Ginny spoke with him he did not run from me, he allowed me to brush him without being tied and he stayed with me. We have witnessed an astonishing improvement in both of these horses. We are very grateful!

 When Ginny was at my rescue, she stood in a paddock with a group of our rescue horses - she was focused on one and the others started licking and chewing and proceeded to lay down! It was a radius around her of horses just relaxing and then laying down, going to sleep! I have never seen anything like it. 

--Vera K.


I met Ginny on April 7th, 2018 in La Veta, Colorado after a long time friend, a local farrier, told me about her. He didn't say what she did, he just said that I had to meet her and that she could help me with my horses. Ginny and I hit it off right away, she was very kind and willing to share her knowledge which is very rare in this business. 

As we walked into the corral where the horses were, Ginny instantly knew there were issues with the herd dynamics, the lead mare and right down to our newest resident a grey gelding who had several issues.  It was amazing to watch her interact with the horses and it was so obvious that they were communicating with her. 

I also have a young filly who is a very spoiled girl and we needed to place her in her new home within a month. Her mother doesn't like people or other horses very much and she had not done a good job of teaching her how to behave or respect other horses. Through Ginny, one of the seasoned mares stepped up to the task at hand and we moved her in with the filly that day. It has been about a week now and her attitude has been changing.

Ginny was also able to touch and pick up the feet of an in tact mammoth mule I have had for quite a while and have not felt comfortable attempting this. He will now be able to get his feet done and I can start riding him.

Ginny offered me a different perspective and a new way of communicating with my animals. I can't wait to visit with Ginny again when she comes back in July!

Ginny, never stop what you are doing! The animals need you and SO DO WE!!!!

--Rebecca M.


Christian was rescued by us 2 weeks ago he had been in a clinic for 3 days. Yesterday he told Ginny he wanted to continue to live and get better. He was a prison horse and never should have been left to suffer and starve. He told Ginny that he was suffering from a stomach ache and [showed her a] a string [tied in a knot] in his colon. 

This is where it gets really interesting.  About 3 hours later we get notified that he had passed a long piece of "string" entwined in his nasty manure. 

After passing the string his manure began to look normal and his appetite increased. I truly believe Christian explained what he was feeling and needed us to know. We are determined for him to heal and feel Ginny will be an integral part of his future. Thank you, Ginny

--Mitzi Conn 



I first met Ginny about 5 years ago during a time when I was desperate for healing. She has always been the one to say that we are our own healers, and has continuously over the years shown me that that is the truth. 

I haven't met anyone more willing to share their knowledge and abilities simply for the greater good than Ginny. I count her as a close friend, one that teaches and loves deeply, and honors each of us on our path. 

It's rare to come across a teacher who doesn’t work from their Ego. Ginny is the exception. 

-- Linda G.


Thank you, Ginny! You helped me release a lot of emotions. I feel a better understanding of Noah and my beloved Willow.

--C. Rice


I learned about Ginny, her amazing talents and history from the many posts I’ve read of the work she has done and continues to do at many horse rescue facilities.  I asked Ginny to communicate with my beautiful APHA “Ruby”.  Ruby was able to communicate many things that Ginny had no way of knowing...  She was able to communicate some of her past, what she eats, her favorite treats and even more importantly how she chose me to be her owner.  We talked about her pain and how she didn’t always have correct fitting saddles which has caused discomfort in her neck, back and contributed to the headaches she’s been having over her left eye.  She worries about my health and feels that I take better care of her then I do of myself; anyone who knows me would agree with that 100%...  Ginny was able to identify her companions at our new barn and describe them accurately...  The most beautiful thing I learned is Ruby is a “healer”.  She wants to help heal the more mature adults in need and she wants to help heal me.  Such a beautiful gift my horse has.  I look forward to working with Ginny in communicating more with my beautiful, lovable horse.  Ruby and I both saved each other and are both healthier because we are in one another’s life today.

--Susan C.


 Thank you for yesterday. My daughter in law has been here 4 days. Thanks to your clearing of me  I was able to physically have an outing on her last day here! Went to Beararizona. 

--Karen B.

The day I met Ginny I was not sure what to expect. However that quickly changed when I sensed her healing energy. I hired her to assist my own work with animal healing and reiki work.

She met me at a charro barn where the horses truly either were in pain or had endured much pain in their lives. I could sense her uneasiness and worry when she arrived immediately. She would not do any work until she met the owner of the barn because she would not lie to the horses until she knew they would be safe. Luckily we were at a kinder facility than so many others with this reputation.

Immediately she told me things only a true healer could know. In particular she pointed out one stallion named Leopold who was suffering a great deal. No one could handle him except myself and my best friend. Together we calmed him and she was able to tell him that he would be alright. As soon as Ginny began communicating with him, his body started shaking and he made the strangest sound I have ever heard. Not a sound you would expect from a horse. At the end he was calm and had some peace for a few days until he was sold. He and I continued to communicate while he was there for several weeks and he was much happier. To this day I still hope maybe we could have him as our own.

Later that day, we began working on my own horses. She shared with me that my horse has  lived in Mexico and it was a dark, bad place. She also shared that he told her he wanted a new name and he understood he would be going home to my ranch with me shortly. He told her he missed his old owner who was 13 years old and wanted Leopold to go home with us too when the time was right. I didn’t think anything of it until...

I contacted a man who confirmed his old owner was 13 years old and had to sell him because her brother became ill and they couldn’t afford the medical costs. I was then told by this man, that my horses was in fact in Mexico for five years before his old owners bought him. Which I then researched and found my horse online as a two year old colt in Mexico after much investigating. I also uncovered that the horse he wanted to come home with us was in fact his brother!

A few years later Ginny contacted me when my Shetland became ill. She told me not to worry that we had shared a past life together and he needed me to tell him I knew. I told him immediately while he was colicky and miraculously he healed within hours.  Since that day we have a new found understanding together. Our relationship has been stronger than I could of ever imagined possible. This also explains why I cried for two weeks when we originally tried to buy him and the owners refused our offer. He was supposed to be my kids pony because he stands below my knees, however I felt this connection to him that I must have him as my own. My husband still teases me that I secretly bought him for myself not the kids.  

I believe in Ginny and her healing work. She is honest, kind, and a blessing in my life, my horses lives and so many others. I feel so blessed to be a part of her healing circle.

--Elizabeth Naqvi
Reiki healer
Animal lover


Ginny is a gifted and intuitive animal communicator and healer who is called to the unique mission of helping animals (especially horses) heal and be understood. 

Animals in her presence demonstrate a recognizable shift in energy and transparency and relate to her many of their thoughts and needs. Ginny is gifted to be able to discern subconscious needs as well and offers various healing modalities to assist in achieving greater well being and wholeness for horses, pets, and people alike. She travels the country extending her understanding and healing to animals in need and often ends up helping their owners in the process.  

Ginny will assist you to better understand the needs and desires of your animal companion with her much-needed healing touch, intuition and gift of communication.

--Doug F.


Thank you SO much, Ginny! I contacted Ginny seeking help for a horse I rescued about a month ago. Going into the communication session, I was rather skeptical, but wanted to keep an open mind and at least try and see if I got anything out of it. And I'm so glad I did. 

All she knew was my horses' names, how long I'd had them, and where they were rescued from. To hit the nail on the head perfectly with both horses, and then with horses from my past I never once mentioned to her, truly made me believe she's the real deal.

The gelding I'd sought her out for even walked up to me and dropped his head to let me rub on him when I went to clean stalls after the session with Ginny, something he's never done before. 

Thanks to her, I feel like I have a better understanding of him moving forward, and I'm looking forward to his follow-up with her. 

--Renae, San Diego


Ginny is that one of a kind healer who will always come from a place of love. She's the only animal communicator or energy worker I will allow to work with my dog. I've tried others and nothing worked, my dog braced against other healing methods and people.  

What a difference she's made in our lives! Kay tolerates new people and circumstances much more easily. She is very mellow and handling recent changes in our lives better than expected or I could have hoped for. 

Ginny will pay attention to every detail and honor your animal with the utmost integrity and compassion. I'm honored to know her.


 Just wanted to say thank you for taking time with Elise [my daughter] this morning.  We had a good conversation after.  I appreciate the encouragement and tools provided to help her create her own way.  Thank you.

--Shauna C.

You're one of the most dynamic speakers we've ever had! Thank you for everything.

Howard R.

I first met Ginny in 2003 when she came to me seeking advice in my role as the Redlands, CA Chief of Police. During our initial visit her dedication to her community and not for profit endeavors became abundantly clear. I subsequently became aware of her other activities within the community [and] I continued to support her efforts throughout the years... She also successfully funded and implemented a charitable quilting and training program in the Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center, San Bernardino County's Women's Correctional Facility, for which she received honors from the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors.

In addition, her grant writing and Community Wildfire Fuels Reduction Program efforts on behalf of the San Bernardino County Fire Department, local fire departments and several of the county's Fire Safe Councils brought our region much needed awareness and funding; and contributed to many homes and communities being spared the ravaging effects of wildfire over the years.

Ginny is one of those rare, dedicated and selfless individuals who will work hard for no personal gain simply because she is motivated to do the right thing. She is one of the most dedicated individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  I support her ongoing efforts to bring awareness regarding the current opioid crisis and our public health care policies. She has experienced a unique and trying set of life events that both qualify and motivate her to contribute to this conversation.

--Chief James Bueermann (Ret)

President, National Police Foundation, Washington DC


I met Ginny through a friend who was having Ginny work on her horse at my house. I was not home when Ginny arrived and she had worked on my friend's horse and met all my horses... 

Our senior gelding, Cowboy, was given to us by the neighbor and we have had him about a year, he always had a heavy heart about him. Ginny also told us that Cowboy's heart has been broken twice, once by his best friend who was a red mule who passed and his previous owner's son who passed away. 

That day was a life changer for me and Cowboy!!! Ginny is so caring and spot on when she communicates with our animals. We love you! 

--Lisa D 

Dan and Rom

Thanks so much for the help with Dan & Rom… Your visit with them removed the curtain from a seemingly difficult decision. 

--Candy P.


I just wanted to thank you again for your time today.  I loved our conversation.  I loved that the Owl confirmed it all!  Thank you for inviting me to [your weekly mentor group].  I had tons of info pour into me after we hung up and it was all uplifting and full of wisdom. 

Much love,

--Heather R.

Thank you Ginny (Virginia Jablonski) from Heart of the Horse for coming to the ranch today & helping both horses & humans. You truly have an amazing gift and I’m thrilled (Horses Healing Hearts, Inc.) we get you for another day. 

Today touched on several layers including equine communication, this helps the horse mentally, spiritually & physically. We saw miracles happen today.
Today was a powerful day your clarity was profound and helped several horses, you are incredible. 

A special thank you to the horses: Cindy, Mira, Diesel, Felicity and Grady. 

--Melissa C.A.

I wasn't sure how the visit from Ginny was going to go other than I knew it would be interesting.

Ginny connected to our horses immediately, and our shy mare was even following her around the corral. She confirmed suspicions I had about one of our horses and even had a great referral to give us for just the kind of specialist we need.

When she left our llamas went to the gate and stared down the road for almost 10 minutes as if they wanted her to come back.

My wife has been walking on clouds since her visit and we really enjoyed meeting her. Needless to say the next time she's in town she has to do a follow-up so we can monitor the progress we hope to see.

Book her now, before she's booked for 6 months in advance, because she's simply amazing.

Added a week later: The farrier just left and he told me to tell you that you fixed her! She still had a bit of anxiety, but she stood very still for him! 

--K. M.

Ginny is nothing less than a walking miracle. She did substantial healing on my son...who is now 27! We had tried everything!!! With her sessions, and homeopathic medicine, my son is the man I always knew he could be. 

 Ginny is the REAL DEAL.

--Lynn B.

 Ginny, I have a better relationship with my animals and have actually become so much more open to their feelings and needs since you have become our friend. I'm grateful for you and what you've done for us.


 I have had so many truly amazing experiences with Ginny... She recently spent two full days at PFER in Morgan Hill, CA working with private boarders and their horses and also rescue and sanctuary horses.  All around the ranch, hearts and minds opened and it was a wonderful day (except for the rainy cold weather!).

--Sally P.R

Thank you so much for [your time] this morning! You are a beautiful soul and I appreciate how generous and giving you are!

--Robin O.

Precious and Bella

Precious and Bella

Precious and Bella

 I invited [Ginny] to communicate with my 4 rescued dogs, all are rescued poodle mixes. I knew they had issues since they all pee in the house. Unfortunately they must wear doggie diapers, which was causes fur mats. I also needed to know why and what I could do better for them.

When she approached the front door all the dogs ran out to greet her. They jumped all over her - so excited!  Ginny asked them to please calm down and for each one to talk at a time… they were all vying for her attention. I introduced them to her and she got right to work. I immediately noticed them all quiet down and watch her intently. Here are just a few highlights of my experience of her conversations with my beloved animals:

She listened to Precious, by most timid pup (and my failed foster) and learned that she was afraid that someday we would leave her. Her previous owner had left her “on purpose”. I almost cried. I assured her that we would be together forever and she should not be afraid. Precious also told Ginny that she loved to play with me, something I do with just her occasionally on our bed.

Then she spoke with Bella, who has been with us the longest time. She told Ginny that she misses going to the dog park. I explained that we stopped going because she (Bella) barks at all the other dogs and stirs them up causing fights. Bella said, if we take her back to the park she would “try to not be so excited.” 

--Karen Y.


Bizou and I are so grateful to have met Ginny. The session was healing to us both. I believe Bizou was able to express something she really wanted me to know. The session was a healing guide to us both. I feel so blessed to have met Ginny. Thank you for teaching me the prayer. Big hugs n' lots of love to you Ginny. We look forward to speaking with you again.

Xo  --Brooke & Bizou (B&B)


I am am completely amazed that  Maverick has refused to eat the Alfalfa when my husband forgets and gives it to him from time to time! His lameness and apparent pain is gone! Thank you so much for your insights and messages. You were right on for both of our horses and our friend's horse, too! We knew history about the horses you did not, could not, and you were incredibly accurate! If you ever need a recommendation, please let me know. I am definitely a converted believer!

--Jessie F.


 Lovely day working with horse healer Virginia "Ginny" Jablonski. The work she does is amazing and I was honored to learn from her. She gave me chills communicating with the many horses on the ranch. Some had been abused or were suffering from pain and Ginny was able to help release them from their inner turmoil. 

I worked on healing with my own horse and began to cry when I worked on his heart chakra as I became overwhelmed with emotion I can not explain. Ginny also taught me some basic horsemanship and herd skills which are invaluable if I am to work with horses in the future. I am a true believer in Ginny’s work and I look forward to building my relationship with her and the many horses waiting for my help. 

She knew things about the horses only past owners would know and I was amazed to see how easily she communicated with each and every one of them. One in particular is asking for our help and I can’t wait for the day we will be able to share his happy ending story. Thank you Ginny for this special day I will always cherish. And the horses thank you too, they told me ❤️ and a special thank you for teaching me about forgiveness. xo

--Elizabeth HN


 As you said about Rocky when you were here, he has the capacity to be a healer. He is quite something and has certainly helped me.  

That statement meant a lot to me, and really opened up my mind to be very aware of him. I already was very impressed with his kindness, but I am so much more mindful about it. Thank you!

--Pam Eklund


Precious and Bella

Precious and Bella

Ginny,   ...Miss Pecan Pie  has been absolutely wonderful since her outburst with you. Let's ME halter her without walking away, goes on walks without wanting to hurry home, allowed me to pick up all 4 hooves without a round and round and stomping on my feet. Thank you!!! I owe you an awesome meal or 50!



" It has been my experience that it is highly uncommon to encounter a person whose perspective and actions in life reflect both the ability to embrace the highly spiritual/metaphysical and at the same time engage in the practical, harsh realities of the “heavy lifting” of basic survival in “real life”.  Over the past ten years as I have walked the path with Ginny during her recovery from mis-diagnosis, opioid dependency and near-death to a fulfilling and highly functional life, I have come to respect her as being one of those special people.  Her message about this path is simultaneously spiritually uplifting and grounded in the hard realities of life."

--Wayne Bennett, DC, DABCO

Arizona Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Past President, Arizona Association of Chiropractic


Ginny has been very generous with her time and knowledge to the residents at Flag Ranch. She especially helped me to build a relationship with Francis, our large and stately pig, and helped to identify a much more dignified name for him (Sir Francis Bacon, rather than his original name of Pork Chop), which he started responding to right away. 

--Susan T. Blake, Ranch Manager, Flag Ranch (


I thought my 2 year old son had a dark energy in his room because we've heard odd things on the baby monitor at night or it just turns off for no reason. He threw a fit every time he was put in his crib, whether it be for a nap or at bedtime. He's been this way for several months and night time has been especially traumatic as he screams and it breaks my heart. He hasn't napped in several months and for the same reason he's only ever in his room to go to bed.

Ginny sensed and unwelcome energy as well. We  talked and it was a truly fabulous experience, I got goosebumps several times throughout our conversation.

It tuned out it wasn't a dark energy, but a kind departed soul and she helped him to find his way to leave my son's room. She also helped my child release this traumatic experience.

My son has been completely fine with bed time, no more screaming, no more calling out for me. Now he just says, "...I love you Mama." He wakes up happy and seems to be having much better days!

I couldn't be more happy, or more thankful to you, Ginny. God bless you!

--Chandra R.


Thank you for your time yesterday! I woke up this morning and it feels like there is an open space above my head that I can't explain. I feel a sense of kindness and gentleness toward [my issues]. Thank you for all you do. I'm very excited to know you.

--Karen R. S. 


 I was so glad I was able to make it to your talk yesterday - plus I was unaware of the local
Chapter so now have a great new resource. 

The audience felt engaged in hearing your presentation. I really admire your courage as well as your presence sharing your story. I would never guess you were nervous even though you said so at the beginning.  During the second half as I mentioned I kept seeing this semi circle of powerful horses above you to your left against the dark blue curtain. I presume your council or horse soul group. 

They have an important message for you - and seem to be asking for you to go up to speak with them. Thanks for all you do to empower others. 

--Kathy Tanouye

 Thank you so much for this blog .... please know I have saved and filed it and am sharing with all my friends who love and have ongoing contact with horses
Years ago I sat with one who was having surgery and just spoke to him and gave him loving communication while the surgeon did his work ... it was a profound experience !
I love all your posts and stories Virginia!
Thank you, 💕💕💕Lynn
Rancho Mirage, Ca


Precious and Bella


I met Ginny at a horse ranch where she was working. I brought my dog Sheba so Ginny could give me some insight as to how I could help her. She is a Belgian Malinois Shepherd with high anxiety, very fearful and distrusts people. I got her as a 3 yr. old and have owned her a little over a year. Ginny was spot on with her reading of Sheba. She asked if she came from a shelter. The people I got her from originally adopted her from a shelter. Ginny said that's where her anxiety and other issues began. Sheba shared very helpful information and our session with Ginny was very enlightening, it gave me direction and understanding in how to help both Sheba and myself. Thanks a bunch Ginny!

--Cindy C.



Thank you, Ginny for helping me with Miss Brie. She is picking up a very nice canter on the right lead at liberty. I've been doing the stretches you did while you were here. I am also happy to be free of the agitation I have been struggling with for two years now since we talked!

--Peg M.



Ginny, Here's an update: The following day Omi (dog) showed improvement with his compliance with listening with myself and roommate. He was much less likely to break into a run in the back yard to chase critters along the fence line when I let him out to potty. I notice my connection with him has grown much deeper, and there is a better sense of balance and calm in our home. We attempted to introduce my friend's mellow kitten who didn't have much to say when you were on the phone (Pizey), but I didn't better prepare Omi to sit still and the cat ran as Omi got up with a little instinct look in his eye. Overall Omi is less concerned with the cats, (much improved from wanting to eat them!) but still seems curious and misses me when I go to the room where the cats are kept when we visit my friend's home. The cats seemed less defensive when I am in the room with them while they hear Omi whimpering in loneliness, feeling excluded outside the door.

Thank you for being present and helping us to find peace. We are very grateful we met you and look forward to connecting with you again in the future. 

--M.S. DC


 Thank you Ginny, You are welcome out to our rescue anytime! S&S Finally Loved Horse a Rescue, Inc. I loved hearing all the stories that our herd told you about their lives before coming to us. It was an amazing day! Thank you for your amazing heart! Friends for life.. 

--Sandy B.


 Thank you for the session....I am always better after seeing you or speaking with you....your intention and love energy are very strong, yet gentle at the same time.
Safe, easy travels home.

Janee R.


 Thank you so much for your kindness, time and caring heart in helping to communicate with my Rooster named Snowman.  

--Sonia S. 


 Ginny Jablonski is a gifted multi-dimensional healer & one of the kindest, most loving and helpful people I have ever known. I was first introduced to her by my mentor, renown native american Shoshone Medicine Man & visionary, Rainbow Thunder Heart aka Bennie LeBeau. 

I am personally aware that Ginny was one of the only healers he would go to for healing.  

She has facilitated for me the clearing of energy blockages, trapped emotions, limiting beliefs, past life issues & more. A special thanks to you Ginny for the very noticeable shift & feeling of freedom that I had after our PTSD clearing session. She is always generous in sharing her knowledge & wisdom with me. She has a unique ability of vividly seeing many layers in various dimensions.  

One of the things I appreciate most about Ginny is that she is a trustworthy human being with a very pure heart. This is why she is one of the only healers that I trust when I need help.      

-- Eve Hennessa 


I recently had the privilege of traveling with Ginny on the east coast. In fact, I am flying from Dulles back to San Francisco right now!  We started in Philadelphia and made our way to Lancaster country, PA (Intercourse and surrounding towns).  I couldn’t really believe what I was seeing.  Amish country was not exactly what I expected.

Ginny literally helped me navigate that as she is originally from PA and had  returned to spend time at a Standardbred rescue in New Jersey. Most horses there were from local farms and/or racing industry. Many of the horses were worked practically to death. Skinny, necks high in the air, and nervous.  There were also many draft horses and mules as well. They toil in the fields and pull carts for tourist locales in extreme heat. I saw some truly heart breaking injuries - sores, scars, scar tissue from the leather reins and straps and heavy heavy pulling - some truly baffling symptoms close to a kind of equine fibromyalgia.  Ginny worked with these horses for one full day and into the next at another rescue/sanctuary and discovered some great insights into the horses and handlers’ experiences.  She was able to apply her shiatsu massage therapy techniques to begin the work of relaxing and releasing.  These horses were characters and also had a lot to say about each other!  There were many lol moments.

In the end, I developed such a deep appreciation for the self sacrifice Ginny makes on a constant basis. She is not only traveling from rescue to rescue all over the country when she is asked or volunteers, but she is also answering phone calls, emails and texts from clients all hours of the day and night.  It’s exhausting and I was only part of it for about 3 days! Wow! What a life transforming three days it was for me, Ginny was so generous with her time and attention and helped me clear out issues I was holding on to - physically and emotionally, I actually feel well!  That hasn’t been true for a long while. 

I am so looking forward to my next adventure with Ginny and hearing about where her travels have taken her on her way home to Arizona. We will be seeing each other again in July and I can’t wait! We’ve only known each other 6 months AND it feels like a lifetime - in the best sense of the word!!! 

--Sally R.


Sally, you so eloquently revealed what I hold true about Ginny. I too saw her magic with the horses and was stunned with her healing talent, medical knowledge, intuitive connection and mastery. 

--Alessandra G.


I met Ginny during the Lilac Fires in San Diego (Dec. 2017) while volunteering with hundreds of evacuated horses. She caught my eye as she was walking through the stalls, stopping at each one. I noticed her hands held outward as she spoke to the horse inside, and I could feel her presence. I would soon learn why.

We finally met at a stall with several of the volunteers who brought the horses in from their rescue ranch. This particular horse had simply shut down from the trauma. Ginny asked the small group to please send love and joy to this horse to help him recover. It help him immensely! He actually began to eat, drink and stop weaving in his stall.

I spent the next half hour listening to her speak about the energy fields of animals and humans and how both can be healed through clearing the blocked energies of past negative experiences. I knew I wanted to learn more…

Several weeks later, when Ginny was back in So Cal, I invited her to communicate with my 4 dogs...

--Karen Y. 

**Read about one of Karen's dogs to the right in this section. More of her testimonial is available above under Precious and Bella."


Farrah and Calvin

I just wanted to give you an update... I know you see and talk to so many, so I hope you remember the significance of my updates.
Farrah, our arm biting little Arab mare, is leaving for a most prestigious new home in Indiana Monday where she will be a lesson horse! This is the little mare who told you she wanted to be royalty... Well she is going to be treated as such now!
They do not have any donkeys for her to fall in love with but I am assured there will be no shortage of equine friends.

Little Calvin is coming along quite nicely with his handling, and has finally been introduced to the rest of the herd. Juan wasted no time showing him who is in charge of all pasture play! He pulled him circles by his halter for at least a solid 1/2 hour this morning. 

Hope all is well with you. I often think of you and your incredible journey. Take care and travel safely! 

--Rebecca S.



...Then there is my Skippee…a sadly troubled boy. Ginny really connected with him I could tell just by watching them. Skippee told her that his last owner used to kick him, after he bit her once and that he didn’t like or trust humans. He also told her, ”I'm no good, I’m a bad dog.” I freaked out. My husband has never warmed up to Skippee much. But I didn’t realize that my little boy knew it and could hear what he way saying about him. Ginny asked him if we could help somehow. After her silent conversation with him, she said my husband needs to apologize and make an effort to have a better relationship with him. He needed to stop calling him a bad dog and threatening to return him to the shelter. I was so sad to hear that Skippee felt and heard what was being said about him. That evening I told my husband what Ginny had relayed to me. He felt genuinely bad for hurting his feelings. He has never been a believer, until then! He immediately called Skippee over and apologized to him and told him that he was a good boy and explained that he never intended to return him to the shelter, that he was just teasing me. He made a true commitment to change his relationship with Skippee and it has truly been a wonderful transformation! Now Skippee sits on my husband's lap every night and their relationship has completely turned around. Skippee is so much happier in our home...

I cannot express enough how Ginny’s gifts and dedication has helped our family. We understand our dogs better and know what they like and don’t like... 

Our bonds are growing stronger and my husband has become a believer and is much more aware of what he says. He used to be a ‘spank them if they don’t listen, to an ‘ask them if they would do or not do something’.  

I am stunned. I feel so blessed that I met her. 

She has also helped me with my many blockages from the past. Which caused my constant pain and anxiety. She is able to see what they are and how it is manifesting in me. She works with me to clear the blocks, my life is changing bit by bit. I know there is so much more to do. 

Ginny gives so much of herself to others, animals and humans alike. She is an amazing woman, gifted beyond belief and incredibly passionate about helping others. 

--Karen Y


Since your healing last week my left knee doesn't hurt any more. I haven't had to put any salves on it so it must be you. My knee has been painful for 2 1/2 years! I also believe my tinnitus is lessened. Thank you!

--Ruth Stevens

Steve and Jake

In May of 2013 I suffered a T.B.I. in my home town of Chicago. My recovery was slow and painfully frustrating. Trying to hold on to my business in my diminished capacity was taking its toll. Jake's picture popped up on “Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue” page one day and I just knew he was my dog. Large breed black senior dogs just don’t get picked up very quickly and he had been in foster for a very long time with no real interest. We rescued him in the fall of 2014. We connected immediately. It didn’t take long to see that we were both injured helping each other on a healing journey.

Eventually, it became obvious to us that I would need to sell my businesses because of the demanding and toxic nature big city business and life in general. We sold just about everything we owned and moved to Prescott not knowing what we would be doing when we got here. Jake became a different dog shortly after the move. Much calmer and more social than ever, he flourished! I soon began focusing on meaningful healing for myself. 

My journey led me to Ginny in January 2018 through her Heart of the Horse: Healing With Horses program where I met one of her horses, Blue. Once again, an animal popped up on my screen to impact my life. I worked with Ginny and Blue to help me with my post trauma issues and it was an amazing experience not just in healing, but also an unexpected education. The truth that no one can heal us to the degree that we can heal ourselves, but most of us simply don’t know how and this is where Ginny comes in. 

Soon thereafter in February we discover a mass on Jake's brain. He is now a ten-year-old Dane at the end of his breed’s life expectancy. If it were a tumor, it would not be operable nor would he want us to put him through such a thing. We opted to treat him with human anti-biotics in the hopes it might be infection. He continued to decline. His legs were failing, he quit eating and I felt ill watching him struggle. Sleep? What’s that? The mass seemed to be shrinking, but he was not improving physically or emotionally. Ginny found out about Jake's condition and offered to help us free of charge. We set an appointment for her to come to our home and visit Jake. Jake was very accepting of her, communicated freely with her and voiced critical information to us that we really needed to hear for his well being. Ginny also performed some energy work to clear his organs and get him back in balance. By the next day, he wanted to go for a RUN and his appetite returned!

The mass and swelling, what we can see of it, is now 90% gone. The frosting on this cake is that I now know a lot more about my dog, and what he needs and doesn’t need from me for me to become a better “fur daddy." *Update one week later: Jake is recovered and back to his old self! The Vet is astonished at his rapid improvement. **Update: Unfortunately, Jake passed away in May and my heart goes out to his family. 

--Steve S.


Steve with Blue


Ginny with Jake

I first connected with Ginny via Facebook and our mutual love for rescue horses.  She and I connected and scheduled a time for her to work with us over the phone... First was our paint broodmare Barbie (age 15),   In the round pen where she was free to roam, my daughter (age 12) and I stood near her...  Barbie told Ginny some really useful information about how she was feeling - some stiffness and pain in her hocks and soreness in her left shoulder. Ginny sent Barbie healing energy and Barbie relaxed immediately!  It was a very interactive experience and then she took a nap, it was amazing!  

A few months later, Ginny was able to come to the ranch and work with Barbie.  She needed a lot of healing. Ginny especially concentrated her energetic therapy and healing work on Barbie’s left shoulder. The MSM we had her on wasn’t given consistently so we restarted the regimen and really saw results.  It looked like Barbie was getting bullied by another mare she’s lived with for a long time, but actually she was guarding herself from pain! Wow, what a break through!  I am very grateful to Ginny for her insight!

Next was Snickers!  I was personally really looking forward to this experience first over the phone. Snickers was a reject charro horse that was thrown in a stall to starve. She is about 10 years old.  She was fed by good samaritans and then taken home by the farrier for fostering.  Then, she made her way to Perfect Fit Equine Rescue  in Morgan Hill, CA in 2014.

Snickers was able to relax for a bit and found to be a good riding horse and was adopted.  After a time, that didn’t work out and I adopted her in 2017!  Ginny started much the same way with Snickers, asking first if she could speak with her, letting her know she was safe and encouraged her to be honest with her.  (Apparently some horses are not always honest.) Snickers said she had been lonely before but didn’t feel so alone now.  She also said she had an energy restriction and Ginny immediately sent her healing energy and Snickers sighed, exhaled, yawned and relaxed - it was so wonderful to see!  Snickers told Ginny she was happy to be ridden or not, she just wanted to be loved.  I really felt my bond with Snickers strengthen immediately with that message. That we understood each other and she felt safe knowing her forever home is with me.


I have had so many truly amazing experiences with Ginny since then. She recently spent two full days at PFER in Morgan Hill, CA working with private boarders and their horses and also rescue and sanctuary horses.  All around the ranch, hearts and minds opened and it was a wonderful day (except for the rainy cold weather!).

--Sally P.R.




BITS Rescue

Grateful day! Lessons and equine bodywork, healing & communication with the Amazing Virginia (Ginny) Jablonski! Learned so much about our horses like Lucy loves life which she shows us daily, Rascal is a Wisdom Carrier and Dusty had a traumatic experience - as we suspected. I cannot begin to describe what a profound experience this was as she had never met our horses nor was she given any background on them. It was surreal! We're excited to be setting up some upcoming clinics with her to share her gifts.

--Elisa P.

Ginny came to our Rescue and spoke with each and every one our horses. She took a lot of time and care with them and was very concerned that they all were able to express what was important to them. We learned so much about their past and current feelings and life events. It will really help us to know the next steps to a happy healthy life for each of them. It was amazing the things things she knew and there was so much validation! She had never met any of our horses before, but she knew their personalities before we said a thing! And boy did they have a lot to say!
She was even able to assure me that letting my heart horse go back in December was the right thing to do for her. I had really struggled with that and am glad to have closure.
They are all happy to be here, some know that this is their forever and others know there is a forever home waiting and they are okay with that. .....truly amazing.....
--Sherri M.
Co-founder S & S Finally Loved Horse Rescue 


I have had the please of working with and learning from Ginny over this past year.  I read a great quote this morning that totally applies to our relationship and the way that I know her to work and teach others.  “A healer doesn’t heal you.  A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself.”  Maryam Hasnaa

This has been her focus since I met her.  Never claiming to be anything other than sharing her knowledge of her experiences, while encouraging me to use what works for me and discard what doesn’t. 

Ginny is a kind soul and has a very professional demeanor while still staying heart-centered and aligned with her integrity.  I am privileged to know her and glad to be learning all that I can from her to apply to my journey and healing and to pass that on to others as well. 
--A. Kelley





I moved to a new property about 5 months ago so I could have my 2 horses on my own land and close to me.  I have a 16 yr old mare and a 2 year (coming 3) old mustang cross named Anastasia (Ana).  Ana started having behavioral changes that became progressively worse and more dangerous over the past few months since we moved.  It got to the point that I was extremely fearful to even go in the pen with her.  My back door leads into their pen. She would continually barrel kick the door over and over literally knocking things off the walls and bending the door if she felt she was being ignored.  She was biting me all the time.  She had no respect for my personal space and constantly was head butting, running me over, rearing and charging at me.  She would corner me and turn her butt to me.  If I took my big mare out she would jump the fence.  I was really afraid and she was really becoming dangerous.

I met Ginny online through a fb group and reached out to her for help.  We made plans for a meeting in February and we spoke briefly on the phone where she was able to give me a little insight into Ana's behaviors.  She called me back later in the day because she felt a lot of bad energy coming from my property, my home, and my horse.  It was very intense and she was able to read things from Ana that there was no way possible for her to know.   I could tell Ana was listening and communicating with Ginny because she came to the window and watched and listened the whole time we were on the phone.  There was very bad energy here not only from deaths and other occurrences on the property but also old energies that I had been carrying around with me.  Something bad was also clearly affecting Ana.

It was an exhausting and incredible and very intense 90 minutes on the phone.  My horse hasn't been the same since.  Shes still a brat at times and still has the same spicy personality, but she's loving again.  She hasn't bitten me since.  She hasn't kicked the door since.  I can go into the pen and halter her and lead her to turn out across the property without fear of injury anymore.  She runs to the fence and lets me pet her.  My trainer and I were able to load her into a 2 horse straight load.  Just by phone Ginny was able to rid my home and horse of these negative energies.

At Ginny's suggestion I started talking to Ana and telling her my plans for her, her training and why we moved here.  I talk to her about everything now and its working.  She listens.   It was an incredible and very emotional experience for me and I absolutely cannot wait until we can meet in person for her to work again with Ana and also my big mare Daisy.

I HIGHLY recommend Ginny.  I am truly grateful for what she was able to do with Ana and I.

--Kim A.





Ginny was such a blessing working with my new 7-month-old rescued puppy. I have been working with her for a couple of months in various ways to help ease her transition, but we’ve run into a few roadblocks with her fear of men, specifically my 22-year-old son.

Ginny treated my puppy and myself with respect and has a very calming way about her. Ginny was so clearly communicating directly with my puppy during the session. Her insights were so helpful and amazing to learn more about our new puppy. During the session, Ginny helped my puppy to release some traumas and stored emotions and heal to allow her to move forward.


Following the session, I have noticed my puppy is more relaxed and playful and even less fearful of others. I feel a deeper connection with my puppy in many new ways! With continued work, I am certain she will be much more comfortable with our family and others. I highly recommend Ginny!  

--Marva J.



Ginny, Thank you so much for your beautiful conversation with Thunder and I. I was truly amazed how you knew the exact position he holds his head in, how he breathes and moves and where there are scars on his body. 

It was surprising how much he opened up to you and how you expressed his personality. I am very grateful to have this valuable insight into his thinking. We already have a better relationship on the ground and under saddle just one week and two rides later. 

Thank you for what you are doing for horses and their relationships with humans. You are a very special and unique person and I wish you much success in the future!

--Dana R.


Thank you to the Animal Healer Ginny Jablonski. You're amazing and you know why! Louie is eating and I spoke with him.


Elizabeth H.


 You not only opened my eyes, but my heart and I am so thankful! You have an incredible gift and talent!

--Christina T.


We want to let people know of our experience with Ginny, the best way to describe it is AMAZING. I've never doubted animal communication, but have only experienced it once before very briefly. What she does goes way beyond animal communication and it is difficult to put into words.

Ginny came to our Equine Sanctuary to help us understand what some of our horses needs were, so that we could accommodate them. Here are just a few of the exciting highlights from our day with her and the extensive conversations she had with our family of horses:

Dilly Pickle (donkey) was the first to make her appearance and let Ginny know that John (my husband) is her human. Which is extremely true, Dilly loves JJ. 

Then Pecan Pie (photo left) let Ginny know she knows all the ins and outs of every horse here. Pecan was anxious when we would take her for a walk away from the others. The day after Ginny's visit Pecan went on a 2 mile walk anxiety free! We were astonished and so grateful for this change in her behavior away from the Sanctuary.  Miss Pecan Pie  has been absolutely wonderful since her outburst with you. Let's ME halter her without walking away, goes on walks without wanting to hurry home, allowed me to pick up all 4 hooves without a round and round and stomping on my feet. Thank you!!! I owe you an awesome meal or 50! 

Major walked right over and LAID DOWN directly next to Ginny (photo below), as if to say this was going to be a lot for him and he needed to ground and prepare himself. He has never laid down next to anyone before and this was a very emotional experience for all of us here and for Ginny herself. She expressed how honored she was and treated every one of our animals with the same dignity and respect. Major let us know he was worked hard and long previously, packing weight for long distances. We don't know his history but this makes sense to us, as he carries number brands on his rump much like horses rented out from hunting/packing/trail horse rental companies. We found he has very tight muscles/ligaments from his poll down his neck and right shoulder/leg. He also has sore and tight rear end muscles. He likes life here and wishes to be hand fed lots of carrots! Yep, that's Major alright.


Ginny spoke to Raj, who is a 23 year old Peruvian  Paso with some shyness and high flight response. Raj walked right up to her, completely matter of fact, as if he KNEW she could communicate for him and he trusted her implicitly as our entire herd did. Many of the horses slipped into a peaceful slumber as Ginny walked among them. Through their conversation we found that Raj carries a lot of muscle pain, misses his old friends, and would like a little girl to mentor and heal. Raj actually shook his head a big yes or no to questions! We never saw him make these gestures before or respond to anyone like this prior to her visit. And even now, days later will answer me in this same way when I ask questions and is not as nearly flighty as he was previously. I have a video of Raj from days after her visit,  where I asked if he wanted to go heal children, as he told Ginny. He is actually answering me as he did to Ginny! With a very distinct YES! 

Next was Macario, he is very anxious, doesn't allow himself to be caught easily, flighty, shakes and trembled, although we know he has never been abused, this is just how he is. Ginny walked around his pen in a circle a few times, Mac stood and watched as she walked closer after a few passes. Through her conversation with him we found he is very locked up and carries emotional and physical pain in his left shoulder. We are working on the shoulder and rib that he said was also hurting.  Since Ginny's visit Macario is not running away, yes he would canter away before, in complete and total fearful flight. He is now standing within 2 feet of me while I feed him! And he will stand still while I walk by, rather than fleeing if I got within 40 feet of his space. 

Captain said he is a Wisdom Carrier and would like a very petite rider to love him and keep him working for a few more years, if possible. He doesn't carry any pain and said he has had a good life, he just grew too old for his previous owner. We don't mind his age of 23 and he is healthy and strong enough to be of service.


BlueFeather was an auction save on our first wedding anniversary. There was a connection between Blue and I in the holding pens, JJ saw this and made sure Blue came home with us, no matter how high the bid went. Ginny went to speak with Blue, and as his usual he walked away, grumpy. After a minute he stood and allowed Ginny to communicate somewhat. As she described, Blue is very blocked, much like a military veteran that has been through war and seen a lot in his life and does not want to talk about any of it. This makes total sense to us. In the auction ring, he was whipped and beaten with ropes, feet yanked from under him to show him "lay down for easy mounting". Not one bit of protest came from Blue while he was in the ring. He just dealt with what was happening. Ginny suggested Tapping along his muscles, leg bones, everywhere. I have been doing the tapping and Blue now rather than walk away from me, walks to me as if to ask for the tapping. Blue used to ALWAYS walk away. He's still a bit grumpy, but I expect that it will take time to heal what he has experienced in his previous life. I am thrilled he is asking for the tapping.

Serendipity let Ginny know that her feet hurt from her diet of Alfalfa and that she may need magnesium or other supplements. Other than those 2 things, she was very happy. 

This was truly a great experience and a rare gift. We are doing what each horse asked for and have seen a huge improvement in all of them.  

We will continue with all of their suggestions and hope to have Ginny visit us all again!

--Becky and JJ, BlueFeather Horse Sanctuary





I first became aware of Ginny when she went to San Diego, CA to volunteer at the Del Mar racetrack after devastating fires tore through San Diego county, displacing over 900 horses... She made many correct assessments, just by “listening” to them... I had recently adopted a "rescue" dog. So, we say hello, as this is over the phone, and Sammie immediately came and sat beside me - and he stared at me. Not just laying down, as per his usual. He stared at me throughout the entire conversation. 

Ginny said that Sammie wanted to know what was wrong with "daddy." She said that Sammie was concerned because his former owner had died and was concerned that daddy was going to die. The thing is, she didn’t even know I was married, or that he was sick! He has end stage renal failure, and is on the transplant list, so it was definitely a goose bump moment for me. I was asked to tell Sammie, who was still intently looking at me, what was wrong with daddy and if there was anything he could do to help. I explained about my husband's kidneys, and asked him, "Please don’t jump on daddy’s lap as it is very painful for him." His kidneys are the size of footballs, as opposed to the size of a fist, so he is very uncomfortable. 

Then Sammie wanted to know several other things, including if he needed to do anything else to stay here, because he loves it here. I had never used an animal communicator before, but was very open, as stated in my first paragraph. Ginny was spot on -- and not just about daddy’s health. 

Sammie has never jumped on my husband’s abdomen since that day. And the minute the conversation was winding up, he went to look for his toy. It’s like he knew he was heard, and had all his questions answered. I know there are many people in this industry that may take advantage of people, but Ginny is not one of them. I highly recommend her for all living creatures. She is selfless, kind and in tune with all creatures, great and small. I could not recommend her enough. My Sammie thanks her, because he is a different doggie...  Thank you, Ginny, for helping us.

--Charlotte M.



I was recently having lunch with Ginny and we were chatting about my mare, Aurora, who had recently passed away. Ginny asked, "Why would she say that Aurora is not her name? She is saying that her name is Angela." I was surprised that she would know this and shared that when we got her we were told the previous owner changed her name from Angela to Aurora.

--Antoinette M.





After searching a year for a good breeder of paroletts, I finally found one in January of this year. I named him Angelo because his colors are white, light blue and a bit of yellow on his head and he reminded me of angel wings. Angelo was hand fed and raised by a wonderful woman. She taught him to step on fingers and reassured me he would bond to me. Paroletts are not flock birds but attach themselves to one mate. In our first few days, he was in shock but did step up so I continued with his training and bonding, advised by his breeder. It was around his 4th day that he refused, became afraid of me and started to bite every time I approached him. After trying everything from the breeder to the internet, I was not getting anywhere. I belong to a group on Facebook where I asked for help and ideas. This is where I found Ginny...

I called her and through her abilities to communicate with Angelo she was able to articulate what his problem was as well as give me advice on how to proceed with our relationship. I now understand the little guy, and he is learning without touching him or forcing him to trust me. You see he had already bonded with the breeder. Instead of being frustrated with each other we now have developed a new relationship... 

Because of Ginny, we are a lot happier and he is no longer biting me.  He is no longer afraid when sitting on top of his cages when we walk by and talk to him. He now understands that when he flies off his cage onto the floor I have to pick him up to keep him safe as his wings are clipped. He actually lets me and there is no biting! When that happens I sometimes place him on my shoulder. He loves to hide and play in my long hair. We are making tremendous progress! Thank you so much for helping us understand each other. I think we will have a long friendship and life together. I would recommend Ginny to anyone with a pet relationship issue. It could be the difference between a successful relationship or a failure leading to finding that pet a different owner which usually ends up with a sad ending. Angelo is a sweet bird again and now we can enjoy life together without fear.
--Rosayn W.  

Flag Ranch

We are so grateful for Ginny's generous sharing of her spirit, knowledge and insight. Her multi-disciplinary experience... helped us to even more fully understand and appreciate our horses." 

-- Kimberly Carlisle, Co-Founder (with Flag, the horse) and Chief Steward, Flag Ranch 






I reached out to Ginny about my gelding after a friend of mine had an amazing session with her and her mare.  I wanted to know more about my goofy boy and what made him tick, if he had anything to tell me and if any roadblocks in our training could be explained.  

Playboy immediately turned a phone session that was supposed to be about him into a session mostly about me; he had a lot to say about me personally as his owner and brought up other areas of my life that Ginny had no way of knowing about.  My horse was concerned about my dad's health. I had been having nightmares about him passing of a heart attack recently. We spent some time on that and moved on with the session.  

Playboy thanked me for saving his life because he knew that he was facing a bullet if I hadn't stepped in; he said that we were brought together to heal each other and after the past emotional trauma we both have been through. I can honestly say we've saved each other.  

Throughout the session, Playboy would show Ginny his movements- a head nod here or there- little did she know that at those moments, he was actually doing the movement right before my eyes!  He'd show her places I had just touched, or places that he had an injury.  There were several times that he would just walk over to me and just stand in front of me, looking at me and not moving.  At one point, he placed his head up against mine and began tickling me with his lips while Ginny explained what was going through his mind.    

We wrapped up our session with some energy work, clearing some of the blocks that Playboy had.  She walked me through the steps and I could feel the energy coursing from me to him as we worked together.  After our session he followed me around like a puppy and felt much lighter and happier.  It was an emotional experience and I can honestly say that our session with Ginny brought us even closer in our bond.  She has an amazing gift and I highly recommend her. 

--Brittany C.


Ginny is a very gifted healer -the "real deal." She is very intuitive and always spot on! She helped me and my husband very much and I would recommend her for any animal healing as well. She is exceptionally good with past life problems that are manifesting for you now and feels very clearly what is going on. I highly recommend her! I know a good energy healer when I feel one, as I am one too! You will not be disappointed! Thank you, Ginny! 

--Rita R.