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Giving Animals a Voice

"When you follow your heart you lead with love." -Ginny Jablonski

It has taken some time for me to accept that one of my roles in life is to be a voice for the voiceless. It is no secret that the equine community has not been quick to embrace animal communication, moreover the myriad alternative healing modalities that can assist them in restoring balance to their body, mind and spirit.

Traditional horsemanship has taught us, no conditioned us, to reject horses as sentient beings and deny they have feelings and emotions, much less a voice.

On my journey it has been challenging to navigate through the maze of individual beliefs and conflicts that exist between accepted allopathic medicine and alternative healing modalities. Moreover, there is a remarkable amount of unhealthy competition in the alternative healing world which makes it almost impossible to embrace the unity in the word community. 

I believe that the animals as well as humans are better served when we work together and support one another. This is why I work tirelessly to create connections and community every where I go. I travel the country sharing my journey, working with hundreds of people and animals. I also speak out against the opioid epidemic, share my near death experiences, and I help people remember that EVERYONE can communicate with animals! 

Recently I began teaching basic skills to people wanting to manage their own energy and foster a deeper relationship with their animal, as well as those interested in animal communication and energy work. I emphasize doing our own inner work and embarking on an authentic, heart-centered personal healing journey as an integral part of what I teach.  I intentionally start at the beginning where every energy healer, animal communicator or body worker should start - healing the SELF! I am passionate about supporting others in gaining confidence through self awareness and healing so that we can better serve others as well as animals if we choose to do so. 

I would like to share with you a few quotes from the Margrit Coates book, Communicating With Animals. Few can speak with more wisdom, passion and authority on the subject than Margrit. She has been a pioneer in this field and is an unwavering advocate for the voiceless:

"History has not been kind to animals in terms of acknowledging their aspects of consciousness. Reasoning had it that, being lower down the species ladder than humans, animals could not possibly feel the same way as we do - a conjecture that I have never understood. Thankfully, it has now been conceded that animals act in ways that demonstrate they possess emotional and mental powers concerned with forming conclusions and judgments. As sentient beings they can feel pain and suffer."

"In my stories I sometimes use what could be considered as emotive words when describing how animals think and feel. Before I go any further I would like to counter the accusation that this is anthropomorphic (attributing human qualities to animals) by explaining that all creatures have thoughts, feelings and emotions. If they did not they would not be able to survive. There are no emotions exclusive to mankind."

I know that Margrit speaks authentically as I experience these truths every day in my work. I have met many an angry, sad, depressed animal. I also meet many animals, dogs and horses especially, who take on their owners' emotions and illnesses out of a sense of obligation and compassion.

Please, thoughtfully consider your positions on the sentience and emotional intelligence of animals. 

On this site you will find many photos and client testimonials related to my work. Further, there are three different resource pages to peruse if one is interested. Over time I will be sharing my many experiences on my blog. Please join me on my journey


One Animal Policy

I am often presented with a request to speak with more than one animal in a one hour session. Although it is common for a person's deceased animals to come forward and share messages, which I am happy to relay, my policy is to honor one living animal at a time. 

Most of the animals I work with have experienced trauma at some point in their lives and this approach ensures we allow time for an authentic connection between the animal and myself. This facilitates trust, emotional healing, and meaningful conversation which provides answers to questions from the human caretaker. 

My ultimate goal is to improve the relationship and facilitate a deeper understanding between human and animal. Thus, my minimum session is 50 minutes. 

This affords my clients an experience my clients will always remember and allows adequate time for intellectual/situational validation as well.