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A few Client Testimonials

BITS Rescue

I met Ginny when she came to volunteer her services at Back in the Saddle in Alpine, CA. Ginny was immediately warm, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to (I can be a bit shy at first). The horses clearly felt the same way and responded very well to Ginny’s gentle demeanor. Many interesting pieces of information came up that day, but the part that will always stand out to me is when Ginny was able to identify an accident that had happened between a horse and a resident on the ranch in which the resident was accidentally harmed with no prior knowledge that such a thing had ever occurred. Pretty remarkable!

If you are interested in knowing your horses or pets better, or are curious about energy work with animals, I recommend that you contact Ginny today.

-Ashley; San Diego, CA


Starlight, our 3 year old BLM mustang mare had been kicking everyone and very pushy for quite some time, over a year in fact. We tried working with a few different trainers and natural horsemanship methods and we were ready to let her go. A friend suggested we ask if Ginny could try working with her. She was in the round pen for no more than 30 minutes with her. She stood quiet for quite some time, ignoring her. Then Starlight suddenly turned to face her. She stroked Starlight's entire body with her hands then took off her hat and touched Starlight's hip and hind quarters with it repeatedly. We were amazed when Starlight stood quietly for this. Since that day Starlight has not kicked anyone! We are now able to do much more with her and she catches us in the pasture when it is time to work. She's a true Horse Whisperer and we are forever grateful."

Shelly A.


...Then there is my Skippee…a sadly troubled boy. Ginny really connected with him I could tell just by watching them. Skippee told her that his last owner used to kick him, after he bit her once and that he didn’t like or trust humans. He also told her, ”I'm no good, I’m a bad dog.” I freaked out. My husband has never warmed up to Skippee much. But I didn’t realize that my little boy knew it and could hear what he way saying about him. Ginny asked him if we could help somehow. After her silent conversation with him, she said my husband needs to apologize and make an effort to have a better relationship with him. He needed to stop calling him a bad dog and threatening to return him to the shelter. I was so sad to hear that Skippee felt and heard what was being said about him. That evening I told my husband what Ginny had relayed to me. He felt genuinely bad for hurting his feelings. He has never been a believer, until then! He immediately called Skippee over and apologized to him and told him that he was a good boy and explained that he never intended to return him to the shelter, that he was just teasing me. He made a true commitment to change his relationship with Skippee and it has truly been a wonderful transformation! Now Skippee sits on my husband's lap every night and their relationship has completely turned around. Skippee is so much happier in our home...

I cannot express enough how Ginny’s gifts and dedication has helped our family. We understand our dogs better and know what they like and don’t like (they apparently love human food!). Our bonds are growing stronger and my husband has become a believer and is much more aware of what he says... I am stunned. I feel so blessed that I met her... Ginny gives so much of herself to others, animals and humans alike. She is an amazing woman, gifted beyond belief and incredibly passionate about helping others.

Karen Y.