A few Client Testimonials

BITS Rescue

I met Ginny when she came to volunteer her services at Back in the Saddle in Alpine, CA. Ginny was immediately warm, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to (I can be a bit shy at first). The horses clearly felt the same way and responded very well to Ginny’s gentle demeanor. Many interesting pieces of information came up that day, but the part that will always stand out to me is when Ginny was able to identify an accident that had happened between a horse and a resident on the ranch in which the resident was accidentally harmed with no prior knowledge that such a thing had ever occurred. Pretty remarkable!

If you are interested in knowing your horses or pets better, or are curious about energy work with animals, I recommend that you contact Ginny today.

-Ashley S., San Diego, CA


Before I met Ginny our rescued colt, Jose, was very reactive and would constantly run away and hurt himself on fences, etc. We had to have the Vet sedate him 3 separate times to wrap an injury and change the bandage. The afternoon after Ginny spoke with him he allowed me to pet him and love on him without frantically running away. He is able to tolerate my touch and continues to make improvement.

Another of our rescued horses, Al, was rejected at the Mexican border for unknown reasons. He was so scared when he came to us, he must have been treated very poorly. Every time we tried to touch him he would run away. I felt a deep sadness from him that would make me cry whenever I got near him. The day after Ginny spoke with him he did not run from me, he allowed me to brush him without being tied and he stayed with me. We have witnessed an astonishing improvement in both of these horses and are very grateful!

When Ginny was at my rescue, she stood in a paddock with a group of our rescue horses - she was focused on one and the others started licking and chewing and proceeded to lay down! It was a radius around her of horses just relaxing and then laying down, going to sleep! I have never seen anything like it. 

-Vera K., Acton, CA


   I’ve always been open to animal communicators. I had contacted one in CA years ago with a mare that I had at the time, but it wasn’t a great experience. I had no idea that there are people like Ginny who can REALLY communicate with animals. Not just talk with them, but help them heal. She has a real gift. I heard of Ginny from a mutual friend who knew about some of the problems I was having with my new horse. I called and made a phone appointment. From the moment she started talking, I knew she was way different from the one in CA, and way BETTER. She’s amazing. I don’t understand how she does it, but my horse is more loving and I feel a connection to him I hadn’t felt. I’m so thankful she’s now my friend and I look forward to many more sessions. I highly recommend her. She is the real deal and has so much love for the animals and humanity. Thank you, Ginny --Claudia W., Prescott VAlley, AZ