Healing Transpecies Trauma

You’re invited to join Ginny in an enlightening conversation with  Allen Schoen, DVM , Author and Awake TV Network Host of Awakening With Your Animal Family.  Topics include Ginny's incredible journey to becoming an animal communicator and working with traumatized animals.  


"We are so grateful for Ginny's generous sharing of her spirit, knowledge and insight. Her multi-disciplinary experience and prescient communications helped us even more fully understand and appreciate our horses." 

-- Kimberly Carlisle, Co-Founder (with Flag, the horse) and Chief Steward, Flag Ranch ( 

specializing in Trauma: What Makes Ginny Different?

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Following a near death experience in which animals asked Ginny to return to fulfill an important task she realized she possessed extraordinary gifts. This awareness sent her on an amazing spiritual journey of discovery and self healing during which she overcame the debilitating effects of emotional and physical abuse, PTSD and Lyme Disease.

Inspired and guided by these events, Ginny works with both humans and animals who have suffered trauma. In late 2017 she began dedicating all her free time to working with traumatized animals. This shift was precipitated by her dramatic personal experience attempting to rescue an injured horse named Clare displaced from the Lilac Fire in San Diego, CA. Since then Ginny has worked in person with hundreds of traumatized animals across the country and hundreds more from a distance. To find out more about Ginny's experience with Clare you can read her story here.

Ginny's intuitive abilities and compassionate heart assist her in establishing a loving space in which deep energetic healing of the body, mind and spirit can take place. 

A Recent Client Testimonial: 


I appreciate all the help, feedback and knowledge that you have given me. It has helped me press on when so many people told me to get rid of Pepper, or said so many negative things about owning a horse like him. 

Your reassurance that he was, in fact, traumatized and not just mean spirited, or simply a horse that was taught bad habits really helped.  

When he told you, “I’m never going to be safe,” knowing how he felt helped click in my head what I was dealing with. 

Here is a photo of him practically falling asleep while the farrier works on him. His lead rope is hanging on a tie ring, he could pull away if he wants to.  But, we ask him to stand and he CHOOSES to stay. 

The horse that “didn’t like to be groomed” when I first got him is now relaxed and actually enjoys being brushed. 

The horse that "didn’t like a shower" now stands perfectly to be rinsed off. 

The horse that used to trample me when I walked him now respects my space. 

The stand-off-ish horse I would retrieve from the pasture now comes when I call him. 

The horse that I didn’t think really cared if I came down to the stable or not now shows affection. 

He still has more trauma to work through, but I see much more of a willingness to connect.

You've convinced me that traumatized horses can heal!" 

-- Jana M. San Diego, CA


Freedom: An Arabian Horse Novel

Freedom: An Arabian Horse Novel, Copyright 2019

by Victoria Hardesty and Nancy  Perez

...The fifth in a series about Arabian horses and those who love them.

Ginny contributed to this novel by sharing her experience communicating and working with Freedom, a traumatized horse. This fearful young horse at Love This Horse Equine Rescue, Inc. in Acton, CA soon came to the attention of authors Victoria Hardesty and Nancy Perez. Freedom was immediately chosen as the Arabian "Horsonality" for their fifth Arabian Horse Novel. This novel is a beautiful combination of fact and fiction resulting in a sweet and powerful tale of overcoming all odds.  

"...Nathan met Freedom and magic happened. Nathan wanted to ride the Tevis Cup Ride, the toughest 100 miles in one day ride in the world..."

Ginny's collaborations with Victoria and Nancy will continue in their upcoming sixth novel to be announced in late 2020.

Animal Communication, Animal Communicator, Equine Therapy, Medicine Horse, Horse Medicine, Holistic

Heart Math®

Ginny is an Approved HeartMath® Add Heart®  Facilitator. She adds heart to every interaction be it human or animal. 

"When you follow your heart you lead with love." -Ginny Jablonski  

A message from Ginny about having an animal communication session with her and how to prepare your animal.  

How Ginny Works Audio (mp3)


How Ginny Works Text (pdf)


"Before I met Ginny our rescued colt, Jose, was very reactive and would constantly run away and hurt himself on fences, etc. We had to have the Vet sedate him 3 separate times to wrap an injury and change the bandage. 

The afternoon after Ginny spoke with him he allowed me to pet him and love on him without frantically running away. He is able to tolerate my touch and continues to make improvement.

Another of our rescued horses, Al, was rejected at the Mexican border for unknown reasons. He was so scared when he came to us, he must have been treated very poorly. Every time we tried to touch him he would run away. I felt a deep sadness from him that would make me cry whenever I got near him. 

The day after Ginny spoke with him he did not run from me, he allowed me to brush him without being tied and he stayed with me. We have witnessed an astonishing improvement in both of these horses. We are very grateful!

When Ginny was at my rescue, she stood in a paddock with a group of our rescue horses and as she was focused on one and the others started licking and chewing and proceeded to lay down! It was a radius around her of horses just relaxing and then laying down, going to sleep! I have never seen anything like it. "

--Vera Kalila, Love This Horse Equine Rescue Inc., Acton, CA

 Right: Communicating With an Arabian Horse at Love This Horse Equine Rescue 


Ginny frequently volunteers with professionals from several equine rescues and sanctuaries. 

Honoring Ginny's Beloved Horse, Blue

mister blue 2001-2020

Blue was Ginny's personal horse, a rescue that everyone said could never be controlled and would kill her. He came to be the keystone to her healing herd of Medicine Horses on her ranch in Arizona. Blue was loved by everyone who met him. He challenged everyone to be their authentic self and live with integrity.



Always seek licensed Medical or Veterinary care. Heart of the Horse promotes holistic balance through an integrative care and treatment model as defined by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. Our work is complementary and supportive, is not intended to be a substitute for traditional Medical, Psychiatric or Veterinary care; we do not diagnose or prescribe treatment.

When you book an appointment with Ginny you acknowledge and agree that working with Ginny does not preclude or prevent you from seeking necessary treatment from a medical doctor, veterinarian or psychotherapist. 

Working with Ginny is not a medical, veterinary, psychiatric, or clinical relationship. An Animal Communicator, Intuitive or Energy Worker cannot legally diagnose any condition or prescribe treatment.  Further, Ginny does not provide grief counseling services.

If you or your animal are experiencing what you perceive to be a severe or sudden medical condition, please seek medical or veterinary care, your family physician, dentist, chiropractor, psychotherapist, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.


Ginny strongly advises that you seek appropriate medical, mental health and veterinary care, in addition to any work that you may undertake with her.

If you should have a dramatic improvement in any condition after working with Ginny, do not suspend or change your medical treatments or prescriptions without first consulting your health care professional. 

We promote biodynamic (body, mind and spirit) balance through an Integrative Health Care* model as defined by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. Our work is considered "complementary" care and is not intended to be a substitute for traditional licensed medical or veterinary care; we do not diagnose or prescribe treatment.

Our goal, through the use of Acupressure, Shiatsu, Animal Communication and Energy Medicine, is to help restore balance and alignment of the energy, mind and physical body of both people and animals. Trapped energies such as emotions, trauma and memories often create blocks and distortion in the body. These distortions often result in an energetic imbalance which can interfere with the proper physiological and psychological functioning of the body and potentially contribute to the development of disease. 

Science has proven that Energy Medicine has a significant impact on all of the systems and functions of the body, including but not limited to: increasing the circulation of blood and oxygen flow, promoting relaxation and healing, releasing toxins and endorphins, building enzymes, regulating hormones and the immune system.  Click here for an informative article on Energy Medicine.

Please see our Advocacy page to find out more about the efforts to further legitimize alternative healing modalities and to impact the current opioid crisis in our nation.  *According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, Integrative Health Care, Complementary Medicine and Alternative Medicine are defined as follows: There are many definitions of “integrative” health care, but all involve bringing conventional and "complementary" or "alternative" approaches together in a coordinated way.

The use of integrative approaches to health and wellness has grown within care settings across the United States. Researchers are currently exploring the potential benefits of integrative health in a variety of situations, including pain management for military personnel and veterans, relief of symptoms in cancer patients and survivors, and programs to promote healthy behaviors.  

  • If a non-mainstream practice is used together with conventional medicine, it’s considered “complementary.”
  • If a non-mainstream practice is used in place of conventional medicine, it’s considered “alternative.” 

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