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In 2001, Ginny retired from a career in the field of international security to focus on resolving emerging medical issues.  As the years passed traditional allopathic medical treatments had not been effective in addressing her compounding symptoms which more than a decade later were identified as a combination of Lyme, PTSD and various rheumatoid conditions. In her desire to regain her health and recover from the toxic effects of various prescription medications, which caused her heart to stop beating, she eagerly pursued alternative therapies and healing. She researched a variety of alternative healing modalities and traveled extensively to receive healing from many "masters." As she did this, and much to her surprise, she realized that she possessed similar intuitive healing abilities to many of those she was receiving healing from. These experiences led her on an amazing journey of further research, education and training; eventually becoming a practitioner of several well respected alternative energy healing ("energy medicine") modalities.

During this time she also pursued her life's passion and began rescuing and rehabbing race and performance horses with the help of a cadre of industry professionals. Much to her surprise, she naturally experienced the unintended and beneficial therapeutic effects that animals, especially horses, have on humans. These effects are now widely  studied and promoted through the ever increasing popularity of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (therapy) programs. Being with her horses on a regular basis greatly improved her sense of well being, and her symptoms of PTSD began to diminish, yet her physical condition continued to deteriorate. Eventually, as her health declined and she was unable to care for her own horses, she began volunteering for an animal sanctuary with a large equine population where she spent what little energy she had grooming horses and donkeys. 

It was during this time that her heart stopped and she encountered a profound near-death experience (NDE). She was ready to leave this life, but the horses and donkeys called her back saying that she had an important mission to fulfill. (If you are interested in finding out more about near-death experiences or watching a video presentation about Ginny's journey please click here.)  Following this experience she aggressively pursued alternative healing to overcome her various illnesses and discontinue the prescription medications she had been taking to clear her body and mind. 

Shortly after this experience she began to see energy all around her and animals reached out to her telepathically sharing messages. In an effort to more fully understand the messages from the animals and her new found healing abilities she embarked on an incredible journey of healing. She studied numerous spiritual philosophies and pursued certification in numerous healing modalities, including those of different indigenous peoples from around the world. She has read scores of books and traveled extensively to attend educational and training seminars addressing healing for both humans and animals. For information about the healing modalities she has studied and more, please see our Resource page.

Over the years Ginny realized that the skills she was being taught in any one area were only part of the larger picture; she intuitively knew how to go beyond each method and combine all of her accumulated knowledge and skill to focus on the delicate balance of body, mind and spirit in what is now referred to as the Biodynamic Paradigm. (To find out more about Biodynamics, click here.) She began her healing career focusing on humans. In her sessions with people she spontaneously began to experience their animals, both past and present, coming forward with messages for them, healing requests or other helpful information. This piqued her interest and she began to focus on animal specific healing modalities. Over a period of two years she slowly transitioned into working with animals almost exclusively.

In 2008 Ginny attended the Vaquero School of Horsemanship in Redlands, CA. The school was founded by Dale McCarrell, Ginny's mentor. Dale had a unique relationship with the horse that was forged at an early age with the help of his mentors, Tom and Bill Dorrance. As a young boy, Dale's grandfather was employed by the Dorrance family. Dale was fortunate to have the unique experience of living on their ranch and was exposed to their methods and philosophies for many years. Later, he dedicated himself to the traditions of the Vaquero in combination with more contemporary natural horsemanship methods and philosophies. Sadly, Dale passed away in early 2016 and will be missed by all who trained with him and shared his love and dedication to horses.

Ginny has studied both large and small animal healing modalities. She has been motivated by the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Bradley Nelson, Jim Masterson, Jack Meagher, Dr. Jay Komarek, Dr. Geary Whiting, Carolyn Resnick, Tom and Bill Dorrance, Ariana Strozzi, and the advocacy work of Margrit Coates which has led her to focus on equine specific training including: Equine Shiatsu Massage, Equine Acupressure, Equine Pain and Stress Point Release, Equine CranioSacral Therapy and Healing Touch for Animals. To fine tune her animal communication skills, Ginny has studied with internationally recognized Lydia Hiby and The Gurney Institute as well as many industry professionals. 

She continues her education and frequently volunteers with professionals in many areas of the equestrian community including equine rescue organizations, zoos and equine assisted therapy programs that serve military veterans, women and children.

Ginny is also very active in lobbying at the state and federal level regarding the opioid crisis in an effort to legitimize not only the field of chiropractic medicine, but other alternative healing modalities that can limit the use of unnecessary prescription drugs in our country. 

Please see our Volunteerism and Advocacy page on this site for more information about Ginny and her ongoing work. 


Here are  some comments from long time associates of Ginny: 


"It has been my experience that it is highly uncommon to encounter a person whose perspective and actions in life reflect both the ability to embrace the highly spiritual/metaphysical and at the same time engage in the practical, harsh realities of the “heavy lifting” of basic survival in “real life”. Over the past few years as I have walked the path with Ginny during her recovery from mis-diagnosis, opioid dependency and near-death to a fulfilling and highly functional life I have come to respect her as being one of those special people. Her message about this path is simultaneously spiritually uplifting and grounded in the hard realities of life." 

-- Wayne Bennett, DC, DABCO

Past President, Arizona Association of Chiropractic

"I've seen Ginny go from a non-healthy individual, nearly bed ridden, afraid to leave the house even on good days and never drove a car or was ever alone to being an independent adventurer, exploring new opportunities and venturing out solo, traveling wherever her next adventure directs her. What a beautiful metamorphosis to witness. What a success story that I'm honored to share."  --Diane V. 


"I met Ginny some years ago when I was involved with a group of people who closed down an equine hoarding situation in Chino Valley. She and I worked as treasurers and she took in some of the horses.  I felt a great affinity and resonance with her and our conversations often were about non physical realities that effect the physical realities. She had been very ill and was under heavy medication, was weak and physically frail. Nonetheless, she was able to get a lot of work done from her home with the help of her amazing husband. We talked a lot about what animals and horses say to us and she met my horse, Indigo, who has a lot to say.  Personally, I get feelings and inklings from critters, and she gets pictures, physical sensations, and words, she encouraged me to listen to Indigo, who wanted me to hear him. 

After the closing of the hoarding stable, I lost track of her, for a few years... And then I find her on Facebook, traveling all over the place, communicating with traumatized horses, healing and helping. “Is this the same friend who was so ill?”  It had been 4 or 5 years since I’d seen her... she couldn’t walk down the street, back then. We’d made a date to visit and catch up in town, but it got canceled. Today she came to visit me and her confidence and scope have skyrocketed, because of all the education and experience and opening and healing she has gone through, since the last time I’ve seen her. 

WOW Ginny, I’m so glad you are back among the living!!! The horses and I thank you, for your insights and healing and help!!" --Peg M.


If you would like to find out more about Ginny, her education and experience, please contact us at (909) 708-6175. 

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