frequently asked questions


How can I find out more about natural foods, supplements and de-worming alternatives?

There are many holistic Veterinarians and Naturopathic Specialists and products to choose from. On our Resources page we have listed several websites, books and authors as well as natural food and product industry advocates.

Do you do healing work with people?

Yes, I actually started my healing work with people and animals eventually became my focus. However, I am available for energy work or consultation as I have traveled extensively and studied many healing modalities on my journey to health recovering from PTSD, Lyme and several other clinically diagnosed diseases. I am happy to share my experiences and information with anyone in need.

Do you have to be in the physical presence of an animal for the work to be effective?

No, it is not necessary to be in the same physical location. Animal communication and energy healing consultations can be facilitated over the telephone with you at a prearranged time. There is no question that the effectiveness of a distance energy healing session is equivalent to an in person energy healing session.

Can you help with behavioral problems?

Many undesired behaviors can be addressed through animal communication and energy healing, depending on the specific circumstances.

However, some behaviors are breed specific and can not be altered. Please research your animal's breed specific traits prior to booking a consultation to ensure that your expectations are not in conflict with your animal's natural instincts and genetic traits. Please know that not all animals choose to change their behavior, but most are open to understanding our perspective and desire to maintain a well balanced home.

Can you communicate with an animal who has passed on?

Yes, it is possible to communicate with an animal who has crossed over. Please see some of our client testimonials that describe having these types of positive and reassuring conversations.

Can you help me to learn how to communicate with my own animals?

Yes! We believe that all humans have the ability to open up to this language. Telepathic communication is a natural two-way exchange of information through thoughts, words, pictures and emotions that is available to all animals and humans. Science has proven that these energies exist in the form of an unspoken universal language. This language provides us an opportunity to understand the life experiences, perspectives and expectations of our animal companions, and to convey our needs and expectations as well.

If you are interested in remembering how to speak this language we will be happy to assist you.

Please see our Animal Communication Resources page for additional information.